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Vinyl flooring & design flooring
the modern all-rounder for every room

Vinyl flooring best meets today's demands on a design floor. Because the barefoot-friendly vinyl flooring is not only easy to maintain, but it looks great and withstands daily wear and tear perfectly. Thanks to its versatile installation methods, this all-rounder is also a problem solver for complex renovations. PVC-free floor coverings also offer a great environmentally-aware alternative.

Are you looking for vinyl floors with special features? Then this is the place for you.

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Truly universal PVC flooring

Modern vinyl flooring is THE robust and cost-effective alternative to wood and stone floors. It can perfectly imitate wooden and stone floor coverings. Thanks to its durability in everyday use and uncomplicated installation, the possibilities are endless. Even in the bathroom and kitchen, solid vinyl can be truly homely. Used in accordance with the relevant regulations, vinyl flooring is also the perfect choice for commercial and industrial areas.

Easy-care comfort flooring with style

You can feel the extraordinary comfort of vinyl flooring in more ways than one. With its realistic wood or tile appearance, it makes for a cosy home, while also being ideal for commercial requirements. PVC flooring is undemanding and easy to clean every day. Dust and dirt can be easily removed with a damp mop. Best of all, vinyl flooring is cheaper than parquet and tiles. Vinyl flooring is wonderfully resilient. It deftly cushions loads and is easy on your joints. Thanks to its low installation height, it’s the ideal floor for renovations. The looks of a high-quality tiled floor, while staying warm underfoot!

Vinyl design flooring comes in a variety of forms at planeo

At planeo, we have a wide range of high-quality vinyl floors ready for you. We offer an amazing PVC-free alternative, a resilient covering made from natural raw materials. Our organic floors combine ecological awareness with a healthy living environment.

With its authentic tactile structures, vinyl floor design can begin to really feel like a real wood or stone floor. Vintage styles are particularly on-trend. Get a rustic ‘aged’ or wooden look with or go for stone effect, with colours and structure that look just like natural stone.

Take advantage of our free sample service and experience how your floor will look and natural it can feel. Request your FREE sample package with up to 7 floor samples now! With planeo it’s all possible.

Vinyl click & adhesive flooring

Vinyl flooring is just as convenient to maintain as it is to install. Whether you choose click or adhesive vinyl, installation is easy as can be

The innovative click system makes flooring quick and uncomplicated to install. With this option, we recommend an additional impact sound insulation, which is also a breeze to install. Browse our impact sound insulation

Adhesive vinyl has a low installation height and is classically applied with a wet adhesive. The dust- and glue-free alternative is called planeo silent stick. This self-adhesive insulation mat enables floating installation of the vinyl sheets, which can be removed if necessary, without leaving any residue. Silent Stick is made from up to 90% natural raw materials

Self-adhesive vinyl flooring is the tried and tested remedy for easy floor renovations on smooth surfaces, whereas loose-lay vinyl is relatively new to the renovation market, although it’s enjoying increasing popularity.

At planeo you can experience everything the multi-talented vinyl floor can do. In our DIY videos, we guide you step by step through vinyl flooring installation, tips for building renovations, product application and more. Watch our popular video on installing vinyl click flooring and learn how to avoid the 10 most common mistakes when installing vinyl flooring. Or get more expert flooring tips & tricks on our YouTube channel. We look forward to your visit!

Vinyl flooring advantages at a glance

Modern vinyl flooring is a real all-rounder:

  • It’s easy to clean and inexpensive
  • It’s elastic and pleasantly warm
  • It’s suitable for use in damp rooms as solid vinyl
  • It’s easy to install by clicking or gluing
  • It has a flat structure and is recyclable
  • It comes in a huge selection of designs

So, you’ve found your perfect vinyl floor, but you want it delivered later? With our storage service, you have the option of storing your order with us for up to 3 months, free of charge. Just let us know your desired delivery date and we’ll make sure that your floor is delivered at the right time. For those in more of a hurry, we offer Express Next-Day service for orders placed in our shop by 10am the previous day.

Vinyl flooring: the high-quality all-rounder in an unbeatable range of designs

Vinyl flooring has the authentic look of real wood or stone floors. The modern floor covering cuts a fine figure in both private living areas and commercial premises. It’s also easy to install and can withstand heavy loads. Vinyl flooring comes with free shipping in the planeo online shop. With our hard-wearing vinyl floors in modern designs, you can be enjoying your dream floor in no time, with no hassle. Choose your favourite now, or let us help you decide!

The 7 most frequently asked questions about Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a very robust and particularly easy-to-clean floor covering. The plastic content makes the tiles elastic, waterproof and warm underfoot, making it a pleasant alternative to tiles. With either the clicking or gluing installation techniques, vinyl flooring is great for almost all applications. It’s also one of the most renovation-friendly floor coverings because of its low installation height, starting at 2mm. More information about vinyl flooring.

Design flooring originally described a multi-layer adhesive vinyl flooring. Today the term is used to mean any type of flooring that features a design such as wood, stone or an abstract pattern, and made from any mix of materials and construction methods.

First you need to choose between clicking and gluing. Most people today install vinyl by clicking. The click connection locks each individual plank to the next. Because there is no adhesion to the subfloor, it is also called floating installation. Here you will find everything you need to know about installing vinyl click flooring. Adhesive vinyl flooring is being used more and more in private homes. In this case, vinyl flooring is glued to a levelled subfloor using a special vinyl adhesive. Adhesive vinyl can also be glued dry. Here we explain the 4 different gluing techniques.

These are some super-common mistakes made when installing a vinyl floor

  • Not following installation instructions
  • Not checking the subfloor properly
  • Not acclimatising the material
  • Using the wrong footfall sound insulation or underlay
  • Installation errors in the first rows
  • Forgetting or incorrectly setting expansion joints

To be sure, take a look at the installation instructions for your vinyl floor. Just because an impact sound insulation says "for vinyl flooring" on it, doesn't make it the appropriate underlay for your floor. If you try to reuse your old insulation from laminate, you risk damaging the floor. Read more about the right impact sound insulation for vinyl here.

Yes, as far as the vinyl content of the floor is concerned. This means that a solid vinyl floor for clicking and also gluing is absolutely waterproof. If a material such as a moisture-sensitive HDF core is added, the vinyl floor is no longer waterproof. You should be aware of this when choosing vinyl flooring for damp rooms such as the bathroom. You can find waterproof vinyl flooring here.

One of the main reasons vinyl flooring is so popular is how easy it is to maintain. Vacuuming and damp mopping is usually enough to clean it. Heavier stains can be removed with PU cleaner. Despite the tough outer layer, dust, dirt and small stones can scratch the vinyl in the long run, so we recommend a full care product, to forms a protective film. This makes vinyl care easier and protects your floor from small scratches.

Our FAQ section contains answers to these and many other questions regarding Vinyl Flooring. If you have any further questions, we are happy to assist you.
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