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Outdoor lights
high-quality lamp systems for outdoor use

You shouldn’t allow yourself to get confused by the huge array of lighting systems that are out there. One thing we’d warn against, however, is solar-powered lighting. Its luminosity is very limited, so it serves more as a minor decoration. Much more efficient is powerful and easy-to-install LED garden lighting from planeo. And it’s remote controlled, too!.

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Electric garden lighting

The heart of a garden lighting system is the transformer. This converts the 230 volts from the outdoor socket into a harmless voltage of 12 volts. A 12V garden lighting system is relatively quick and above all uncomplicated to install. To supply a garden light with electricity, for example, all you have to do is dig a small trench. The cable is laid in it. Then, to connect the outdoor lighting, quick-release fasteners are provided. You don’t need to strip cables and connect them with clamps. The connectors are simply clamped in place with a 90° turn and are then immediately ready for use.

Making garden lighting interesting

You don’t have to stop at the patio. Show off your driveway or path boundaries with 12V spotlights that can simply be sunk into the ground or onto the lawn. There are countless creative design options to choose from.

Add subtle spotlighting to trees, shrubs and ornamental features warm LED light. Or use cool white to illuminate walls and entrances.

Planning garden lighting

Before you sketch out your new garden lighting system, there are a few things to bear in mind. The number of luminaires that can be connected depends on the size and capacity of the transformer. Also, especially on a lawn, spotlights should be recessed far enough into the ground so that they cannot be damaged by a lawnmower. When laying the connecting cables, a depth should be chosen that the scarifier cannot reach. Contact us with your garden lighting questions!

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