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Not all paint is the same. In our certified online shop, we offer you natural, solvent-free paints for your walls and ceilings, which are characterised by high opacity and first-class, healthy quality. Choose conveniently in the planeo shop now and order quickly & easily online!

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Modern wall and ceiling paints for unique interiors

The painter or DIY fan who wants to see their room dazzle with colour immediately after the first coat needs to choose a high-opacity paint. With these quality paints, a single coat is generally all that’s needed, saving you a significant amount of time and money.

When it comes to the durability of a paint, in the EU there are five ‘resistance classes’, with Class 1 being the easiest to clean and most likely to weather abrasion; as such this class of paint is suitable for rooms that are subject to more wear and tear, such as children’s rooms or hallways. Class 3 paints are still wash-resistant and suitable for interior walls, in the cellar or storeroom, that are subject to little wear.

An important quality feature when choosing the right paint is the colour intensity. A really good interior paint contains high-quality colour pigments and has excellent luminosity. Inferior products are less than impressive as they usually contain inexpensive, sub-standard ingredients.

Diffusion-open paint - the right choice for damp rooms

If you want to buy the right paint for a humid room like the kitchen or bathroom, you’ll need a ‘breathable’ diffusion-open paint. These paints allow moisture contained in the building fabric to easily find its way to the wall surface. Our breathable silicate paints effectively prevent mould growth within the building fabric and on the periphery of walls and ceilings, thus preventing damage and stains in the painted room.

At planeo, we have natural, breathable silicate paints that leave no room for harmful germs or mould growth. They contain no preservatives, are free of plasticisers and solvents and produce no harmful emissions.

Buy first-class paints at planeo

In the planeo online shop you can easily, quickly and safely buy outstanding quality paint. We have a great range of high-yield and structure-maintaining wall and ceiling paints for interior use, such as resilient top-class latex paint; natural, air-permeable silicate-based paints; primers for various areas of application and colour-strong solid and tinting paints.

Particular mention should be made of the excellent quality of our branded paints, which offer a great balance of price and performance. If you have any questions, we’re happy to offer our expert advice!

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