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Flooring accessories
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Have you chosen a floor covering yet? Brilliant! But have you considered the appropriate accessories? Our professional accessories include everything you need to install and maintain your floor. High-quality floor laying accessories increase productivity and provide consistent results. DIY projects can only be completed with the proper tools. Each floor covering necessitates a unique set of accessories.

planeo's comprehensive variety of floor covering accessories has everything you need. From impact sound insulation, skirting boards, and floor profiles to installation accessories, floor care, adhesives, subfloor preparation, tile accessories, and power tools, we have everything you need for a successful installation. These work as practical floor assists in attaining ideal installation outcomes.

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Professional accessories for your floor covering

Whether for laying the floor or everyday floor care, whether as impact sound insulation, skirting boards, floor, or joint profiles and more, we offer you the right accessories for professional laying results. With our special adhesives for different floor coverings, you can permanently fix your floor to the subsurface. We also have the right products ready for you to prepare the substrate. You will also find helpful tile accessories and powerful power tools in our store. Lay, clean, and maintain your floor covering like a professional with our special tools and care products.

Practical helpers for laying, cleaning, and maintaining your floor

Impact sound insulation ensures excellent room acoustics

Efficient impact sound insulation is indispensable when it comes to achieving effective insulation of impact sound. In addition to all-rounders as an underlay for all floor coverings, you will also find special designs that are suitable for certain floors such as laminate flooring. It is also vital to consider whether the impact sound insulation is intended to provide extra thermal insulation and whether the subfloor is extremely uneven. Footfall sound insulation for damp rooms with moisture protection is also available in our range. To make the best option, familiarize yourself with the subsurface conditions, the type of floor covering, and your particular preferences and requirements for impact sound insulation before making your purchase.

The floor covering only unfolds its full effect with the right skirting boards

Skirting boards, also known as baseboards or skirting boards, are available in a variety of decors and designs and are especially useful for planning the floor. They enhance the transition between floor and wall, cover up the joints, and protect the wall from filth and wear as narrow skirting boards made of materials such as wood, plastic, or metal. When selecting the proper finishing element for your floor, you have the option of selecting a surface that is the same colour as the floor covering or one that contrasts the look of the floor covering to create a visual difference in the room.

Floor profiles – choose the right profiles for your floor covering

You can choose between transition profile, end profile, adjustment profile, angle profile, wall connection profile, stair nosing profile, and more depending on the type of installation, end, and region of application. A transition profile is required when linking two floors of the same height. With an adjustment profile, you may create a seamless visual transition between two differing height floor coverings. Stair nosing profiles are suitable for securely attaching and changing varied covering thicknesses. End profiles are ideal for finishing the floor covering on balcony doors.

Installation accessories – the right help for every installation step

The appropriate tool determines whether you can install a floor without prior experience. Each installation method requires a distinct set of accessories. Modern floor coverings use click-in mechanisms to link individual planks using machined nut and grooves. Tapping blocks are used to permanently unite boards that have been lightly tapped together. Furthermore, even the tiniest joints close during this stage. The correct installation accessories make it easier to install floor coverings, panels, and skirting boards. This means you are fully prepared to lay the floor yourself.

Adhesive, primer, and filler simplify the laying work

With the right tool, gluing the floor covering to the subsurface is just as simple. For this reason, we sell toothed spatulas. Serrations on the spatula's edge allow putty and glue to be applied evenly. When glued, parquet floors, laminates, and elastic floor coverings make a permanent link with the subsoil. Adhesion-improving primers and the appropriate adhesive are available for every floor covering.

Whether it is floating installation or gluing, planeo has what you are searching for. Strong mounting adhesives give a firm hold for each floor and ease floor laying. Primers are required for levelling the flooring, and our practical installation package includes a draw bar, tapping block, and spacer for quick and easy installation with optimal results.

The professional installation tools and installation aids from our range include:

  • PE foils and impact sound insulation for professional floor construction
  • Adhesives and fillers for the floor coverings from our range
  • Primers to improve the adhesion of the covering to the subfloor
  • Spacer wedges for aligning the floor covering during installation
  • Impact blocks, which are gentle on tongue and groove thanks to their special shape
  • Toothed spatulas that ensure an even application of the floor adhesive
  • Floor profiles of all kinds for clean transitions between different floor coverings
  • Floor mats that protect the floor from scratches when chairs are moved

Floor care: high-quality products to clean and carr for your floor

Cleaning your floors is part of everyday life. But it needn’t be time-consuming or tiring. The proper tools make these chores much easier for you. Our range includes special floor mop care sets that make mopping effortless, as well as professional stain removers for stubborn dirt. Unattractive scratches can be removed in a few minutes with our repair sets for resilient floor coverings. Many care products combine care and cleaning properties in one product.

Tile accessories - professional grout for high requirements

planeo provides a unique spectrum of cementitious grouts with low water absorption, strong abrasion resistance, high deformability, water and dirt repellence, and exceptional joint flexibility.

planeo offers high-quality power tools for professionals and Do-it-Yourselfers

Professional power tools from the premium brand DeWalt are available in our online store. It has a high brightness and a long service life, allowing for exceptionally precise work. Furthermore, the DeWalt professional tool is shock and moisture resistant, fits well in the hand, and is powerful, durable, and dependable. We recommend that you invest in high-quality power tools to get peak performance and professional outcomes.

Conclusion: Investing in professional accessories is beneficial

The hardware store has a vast assortment of floor laying tools and floor care items. The incorrect accessories rapidly wind up in the purchasing cart. With our extensive range of professional accessories, you can ensure that your tools and care supplies complement your new floor covering. Only a professionally installed floor covering that is properly cared for in everyday life will preserve its high-quality appearance over time. We provide the proper floor covering equipment so that you can enjoy your floor for a prolonged period.

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