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Accessories from wineo
for professional installation results

Only with the right accessories is it possible to achieve a perfect result when laying flooring. The wineo brand boasts a range of attractive and super useful accessories.

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Insulation mats in different designs from wineo

If parquet or laminate flooring is to be laid, this cannot be done without first laying suitable insulation mats. Various types of impact sound insulation are available; most are suitable for use in rooms with underfloor heating. Impact sound insulation from wineo made from natural raw materials is the perfect choice for allergy sufferers in particular.

wineo vapour barriers protect against moisture

Many floor coverings also need to be protected from moisture penetrating from below. Vapour barriers are quickly installed and can easily be cut to the right length with a cutter knife. When it comes to installation, it is no different to impact sound insulation and the individual work steps are identical.

wineo skirting boards – the perfect joint covering

Every floor should always fit neatly against a wall. As many floor coverings are laid floating, small gaps are left so that the material of the floor covering can expand. If the flooring is laid without these joins, an unpleasant warping will occur after a short time.

Skirting boards offer the solution to this problem as they conceal these gaps. Since they are usually several millimetres thick, they can also be used to conceal minor cutting errors. In addition, skirting boards look good. The wineo accessories range also includes fixing clips for the skirtings. These are fixed to the wall with dowels. The skirtings are simply clicked into place and immediately provide a reliable hold. They can be quickly removed again for the next renovation.