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healthy living floor covering by the metre or in click format

We all remember linoleum in past kitchens and bathrooms. However, modern linoleum floors from planeo have little in common with the blue-grey floor coverings of the 80s, because they are environmentally friendly and healthy to live with, prove to be very hard-wearing and are available in many on-trend colours.

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Buy linoleum from planeo and benefit from healthy quality

High-quality linoleum from planeo is a healthy-living floor covering that is made from natural raw materials and is free of harmful softeners. These robust floor coverings are essentially composed of linseed oil, cork flour and jute fabric. This makes them one of the most sustainable resilient floor coverings.

In addition to their excellent, environmentally friendly properties, our linoleum floors are available in a wide range of colours, from homely to intense! They have an antistatic, hard-wearing surface that lasts a long time and is easy to clean and maintain. With linoleum from planeo, you can buy quality products online that are water-repellent and therefore perfect for use in damp rooms.

Linoleum from planeo: contemporary designs and natural texture

We only offer high-quality linoleum, which can be ordered online by the metre or as an easy-to-lay click-on version.

You benefit from advantages such as:

  • It’s environmentally friendly & healthy to live with.
  • It’s free of harmful softeners.
  • The surface is super-hard-wearing.
  • It’s antistatic and easy to clean.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • It comes in a wide range of colours.

Buy linoleum online: Your choice at planeo

Buy linoleum at competitive pries at and installation is a piece of cake. In our online shop you will find linoleum on rolls and as click linoleum.

For click linoleum, insulation is first rolled out. When doing this, you should make sure that the rough side is facing upwards, i.e. towards the linoleum. It is also important that you always work from several packages in parallel, if possible, rather than one at a time. This is the only way to achieve a natural laying pattern. Lay the click linoleum from left to right and take a little more time for the first row to align the linoleum. Successive planks should snap together securely. You can cut the planks to size very easily. Any sections larger than 30cm can be used for further installation. If desired, you can use a tapping block to help you tap the planks together. Proceed in this way until the room is finished.

How can you lay linoleum from rolls?

Before you lay the linoleum, you should check whether all the rolls are from the same batch. You can easily tell by looking at the labels. Make absolutely sure that you always lay the rolls in the same direction to achieve a seamless pattern.

  • Check and prepare the floor: to be able to lay linoleum, the floor must be absolutely smooth, clean and dry.
  • Rough cutting: cut the sheets roughly, with an allowance of at least 1cm, but no more than 10cm per linear metre.
  • Cut linoleum: cut out sections you need the lino to fit around.
  • Acclimatise: a very important step when laying linoleum is to allow the material to acclimatise. To do this, roll up the roughly cut strips loosely and place them upright for at least 24 hours.
  • Cut the factory edge: trim the factory edge of the first sheet in the seam area by about 1.5–2cm. Use a trimmer or similar tool to do this.
  • Lay the first sheet: apply the appropriate adhesive to the floor using a notched trowel. Glue the first half of the sheet first, then spread the second half of the sheet on the floor and roll out the rest.
  • Further strips: always lay out the next strips with a little overhang of about 2cm. Do not remove this seam overhang until after gluing.
  • Pressing: all sheets should first be pressed down in width, then in length with a roller weighing about 70kg. Any adhesive stains on the linoleum should be removed directly, but gently; refrain from using harsh cleaners.
  • Roll on the joints: after everything has been glued down, the seams are cut. These are then pressed with a seam roller. Make sure you work evenly.
  • Grouting: When grouting, you should work quickly and push the fusible link to the ends while it is still warm. Any protruding fusible link can be removed once it has cooled down completely. However, some products from our range do not require any separate joining at all. Simply follow the specific product’s instructions.

High-quality and inexpensive linoleum at planeo

We only offer high-quality linoleum, both in the form of click vinyl and as rolls. If you have any questions about our linoleum products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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