Shipping & Delivery

Our shipping costs are based on the size of the goods shipped, which is indicated on the product with a shipping class from XS to XL, and also depend on the delivery area. Shipping costs are all-inclusive and only the shipping costs of the most expensive shipping class are due once.

  • XS: 4.95
  • S: 19.95
  • M: 49.95
  • L: 79.95
  • XL: €144.95
  • XXL: 295

For delivery to German islands we charge a flat surcharge of 15.00 for shipping groups XS and S and 99.00 for shipping groups M, L, XL and XXL.

Austria | Belgium | Czech Republic | Denmark | France | Luxembourg | Netherlands | Poland

  • XS: 14.95
  • S: 34.95
  • M: 79.95
  • L: 94.95
  • XL: 499.00
  • XXL: 650

Switzerland | Liechtenstein (without VAT)

  • XS: CHF24,95
  • S: CHF49,95
  • M: CHF94,95
  • L: CHF194,95
  • XL: CHF499,00
  • XXL: CHF 650,00

Information on deliveries to Switzerland and Liechtenstein

For deliveries of goods to our customers in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, the statutory value-added tax of 19% applicable in Germany does not apply. On site, the value added tax of 8% on the purchase price applicable in Switzerland or Liechtenstein applies.

We, or the forwarding agent authorised by us, will take care of the entire customs clearance for you. The fees incurred for this are already included in the shipping costs stated by us.

If the manufacturer of the goods ordered from us is from the EU, no customs fees will be charged for your purchase from us when importing the goods into Switzerland or Liechtenstein. This is the result of a corresponding agreement with the EU.

After you have placed your order, we take care of the rest. In the end, you receive the goods at your home or at your business premises. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, you will receive all essential information from us by e-mail.

Finland | Hungary | Ireland | Italy | Norway | Portugal | Romania | Spain | Sweden

  • Pattern: 15.00
  • XS: 49.95
  • S: 94.95
  • M: 194.95
  • L: 254.95
  • XL: 499,00
  • XXL: 650

Receipt of goods

Goods are delivered free to the kerbside, or to the front door in the case of parcels. Make sure that someone is on site to accept the goods and carry them inside.

Shipping methods

1. Sample shipments and smaller parcels
Items that can be shipped as parcels (e.g. accessories, sample boards, etc.) will be sent to you by parcel service (DHL or DPD). When the goods leave our premises, you will receive an e-mail with the parcel tracking number and a delivery note. The sender keeps you informed about the current status of the shipment by e-mail.

2. Large parcels and deliveries by forwarding agent

Goods with a larger volume and higher weight, such as flooring, impact sound insulation or skirting boards are delivered to you by our shipping partner, the Dachser freight forwarding company. Dachser will notify you of the delivery details one day in advance. Freight forwarding deliveries are made free to the kerbside.

Contact will be made by telephone. If you are unable to attend on the scheduled date, an alternative date can be arranged. As our customer, you can contact our service hotline directly with questions about your delivery by freight forwarding: Tel. +49 5222 960 4810

3. Shipping of decking boards

All decking boards are shipped by a forwarding agency. Delivery is usually free to kerbside, including forklift unloading. The exact delivery date will be notified by the freight forwarder.

Please note:

  • Access must be guaranteed for a 40t articulated lorry.
  • In purely residential areas (villages and side streets) we require a turning capability of sufficient size (driveway with a minimum width of 6m and depth of at least 30m, or a turning ramp with a diameter of at least 25m).
  • 2-3 people must be on site for problem-free unloading, in case unloading cannot be done with a forklift.
  • Decking boards are delivered as long goods and the one-way pallet is not collected separately.
  • Express delivery and requested delivery dates are generally not possible for decking boards.

4. You can also collect your goods from us yourself
Please contact us in advance by telephone so that we can coordinate the details: Tel +49 5222 960 4810

The product with the longest delivery time sets the pace.
The delivery time is stated in working days for the respective item in the online shop. If different products are combined in one order, the delivery time of the item with the longest delivery time applies in each case. In order to simplify the processing of your order and to protect our environment, we always send the products in your order together as one delivery.

In this way, we avoid the usually unnecessary expense of increased packaging. Should you prefer a different procedure, please carry out your orders separately in order to split the delivery according to your wishes.

Free shipping of sample boards
We can send you sample boards of our flooring – free of charge! It makes deciding so much easier. You will receive a piece of the original flooring of approximately A4 size. The delivery time is usually 1 to 3 working days.