Helpful Vinyl Flooring Videos

Useful information about planeo flooring – we hope you enjoy watching!

Planeo vinyl flooring, collection: planeo STEIN decor in tile design

Here we present our planeo stone series. This video shows you how easy it is to lay our vinyl on existing tiles. The Firenze floor is laid in an exhibition hall. Once again, we explain to you what you should pay attention to, especially when laying a stone pattern.

Cutting vinyl flooring

This short video shows you the ease with which our Planeo products can be installed. We show you how easy it is to cut and process our products. You don’t even need special tools. This is the way to dust-free renovation!

Installation instructions using the example of planeo flooring from our ZUHAUSE series

How do you install vinyl flooring? What materials do you need? What details do you need to pay attention to? Take a look and, remember, don’t hesitate to contact us if you still have questions.

Installation instructions using the example of the planeo STEIN series

We explain which material you need, what preparation is necessary and how to carry out each step of a perfect installation. In this video, we use our STEIN flooring, which has a different, tile-like format from the elongated planks of the ZUHAUSE series.