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Storage: up to 9 months free of charge

Planning is half the battle. For goods in excess of 2500€, we offer a range of services to ensure you get the goods exactly when you need them. We will support you in your carefully planned project!

If your order is above 2500€, you can choose between Standard Delivery, Delivery on Desired Date and Delivery on Call (Storage) on the item page or in your shopping cart.

The following applies:

  • Standard Delivery corresponds to the expected delivery date resulting from the delivery time of the individual items.
  • You can choose simple dispatch (parcel service or forwarding agent).
  • You choose Delivery on Desired Date, we will send you the goods on the date you have selected. If you need to bring forward the date, you can do so via your customer account.
  • With Delivery on Call (Storage), you select the desired storage period and can call for the goods to be delivered at any time, using your customer account. If the goods haven’t been requested beforehand, we will send them to you at the end of the storage period.
  • The storage service is free of charge for up to 9 months. For each additional month, we charge you 15€ per pallet of storage space.
  • For larger orders, several pallets of storage space may be required.
  • Delivery on Call (Storage) and Delivery on Desired Date services are not applicable to terraces, facades and remnants.

Sample order

Order up to 7 samples free of charge and receive a voucher. You can redeem this voucher when you place an order in our online shop.

You will find the button for ordering samples directly next to the product image on the article page.


The following applies to sample orders:

  • For many products, we can send you the samples within 48 hours. These are marked accordingly.
  • If you have ordered samples from different manufacturers, you may receive individual shipments at different times.
  • If you do not find a sample button on the product, unfortunately sample dispatch is not possible.

Expert advice until 6pm!

Even outside showroom hours, we offer expert advice until 9pm. via the following channels: