Technical Information on Vinyl Floors

What is vinyl flooring?

The name of the popular floor covering "vinyl" comes from the chemical term ‘polyvinyl chloride’, usually known as PVC. The technical properties of the material make it interesting for many areas of application in private and also commercial spaces. But why PVC? What properties does this floor have and what are its advantages over other floor coverings?

We would like to give you some answers to these and other questions in the following.

Certified quality from planeo - for a healthy home

Here you can find certifications of our floor coverings:

Certificate Ghent University for vinyl flooring planeo ZUHAUSE

Here you can view the certificate of the Belgian University of Ghent, which tests the behaviour and resilience of our vinyl floor range ZUHAUSE in the event of fire. The behaviour of the material in general is evaluated as well as the outgassing of the processed substances. Our floors passed all the tests with flying colours and therefore meet the strict European standards for flooring and fire safety.

Download (PDF)

Test report Ghent University for vinyl floor series ZUHAUSE

Here you can view the detailed test report of the University of Ghent, which describes exactly the fire tests and the values achieved. Our ZUHAUSE flooring remains far below the legally permitted limits in all categories. Quality and safety for your home!

Download (PDF)

Ghent University certificate on fire behaviour

Here you will find another test report from the Belgian University of Ghent. This time the test deals with the fire behaviour of our floors planeo OBJEKT, planeo OBJEKT PLUS and planeo STEIN. Due to the wide range of applications in schools, hospitals, kindergartens and commercial premises, particularly strict requirements are placed on these floors. Our planeo floors have successfully passed all tests, remain well within the legal tolerance values in all values and thus meet strict European standards for flooring and fire safety.

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Test report SGS

Here you can view another test report from the independent test centre SGS in Asia. Here, the components of our planeo vinyl flooring were examined with regard harmfulness to health. Once again, our planeo vinyl flooring easily complied.

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