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Wall Cladding & Wall Panels
design your own walls with stylish new coverings

Redesigning interior wall cladding is child's play with wall panels from planeo. The exclusive wood panels blend your walls in a timeless way and radiate a cosy atmosphere. In commercial rooms, you can use planeo WoodWall to set the scene for selected wall surfaces in a particularly elegant way. Our waterproof wall cladding DesignWall Aqua is the right choice for bathroom wall design. The self-adhesive wall cladding is easy to install and extremely easy to clean.

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What are wall cladding panels?

Wall cladding is high-quality panels for the design of modern wall surfaces in private living areas as well as commercial spaces. The finished elements are made from wood or plastic and can be quickly and easily installed without professional tools. You can achieve maximum effect for your walls at a low cost with simple and quick assembly.

Wooden wall panelling: the exclusive look

Wall panelling made of wood gives previously boring walls a new and unique charm. They are perfect for an entire wall or individual sections. Hand-finished wooden panels bring warmth and cosiness to your room. The real wood panels from our WoodWall series are eye-catching and are made from fine teak or carefully restored driftwood and create sophisticated natural accents in the room. A hand-finished surface ensures an all-round perfect look. You can choose from high-quality wood surfaces in a teak finish, from light grey vintage patina to black and brown shades. In addition, the individual pieces of wood vary in thickness, resulting in an impressive 3D relief on your wall.

Plastic panels for your walls: inexpensive, waterproof and easy to clean

Panels made of plastic are the cheaper alternative for an on-trend wall design. The DesignWall Aqua wall cladding from planeo is made of recyclable, hardened foam and makes for an impressive wall surface. The panels are available in beautiful granite, slate or concrete effect, or in warm wood tones such as oak. The sturdy and safe material is waterproof as well as easily washable. They’re suitable for damp rooms as well as wet rooms such as showers. Our high-quality plastic cladding can also be disposed of in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Interior wall cladding from planeo

The sophisticated wall systems from planeo are available in numerous designs. Are you craving an exclusive look? Then our WoodWall wall claddings made of real wood are the right choice for you. Or are you looking to reinvigorate your wet room? Choose planeo stone-effect panels. Both the wood and healthy plastic options are designed to impress over a long service life.

Our certified teak wall panels have a particularly cosy effect and create a unique atmosphere in the living room, hallway or bedroom. Teak wood is transformed into planeo WoodWall wall cladding through an upcycling process. Panels made using hundred-year-old wood are carefully assembled by hand and really make a statement, perhaps on the wall behind your TV at home or as an office or lobby feature wall.

Our waterproof and washable plastic panels are both practical and decorative and they’re perfect for wet rooms, so you can really get creative, even in the shower! DesignWall Aqua by planeo represents a particularly light foam panel, which consists of a solid PVC surface on the outside and foam on the inside. The particularly low weight, the abrasion-resistant surface and the 100% water resistance make it the ideal wall covering for your damp rooms. The material does not contain any plasticiser and has the best current emission class: A+.

The advantages of DIY wall cladding from planeo at a glance:

  • Redesign walls yourself with minimum effort
  • Self-adhesive panels with the latest designs
  • Exclusive wall cladding styles made from certified wood
  • Waterproof wall panels suitable for damp rooms
  • Creative wall design without costly renovation
  • Wall cladding can be laid on all smooth surfaces
  • Easy installation without professional tools
  • Affordable material costs and minimal working hours

Give your walls that little bit extra with high-quality interior wall coverings from the planeo range. Choose from luxurious real wood wall claddings or opt for the functional and eye-catching plastic options.

Wall cladding: frequently asked questions

What is wall panelling?

Wall panelling refers to decorative elements that can be retrofitted to the interior wall. You can use it to quickly cover your old wall surfaces. There are wood wall coverings, laminated wall panels, plastic wall coverings and stone. There are even decorative polystyrene options in various styles. Acoustic wall panelling is a speciality; in addition to looking good, it also absorbs noise. Discover the latest trends in wall coverings here.

Are wall panels and wall cladding the same thing?

Wall panels are more defined elements in fixed sizes, with an easy installation system such as rails or adhesive strips. Wall cladding is a more general term that includes not only wall panels but all kinds of materials and shapes.

What types of wall panelling are there?

There is a large selection of wall coverings:

  • Wooden wall panelling (split wood, antique wood, driftwood, wooden slips)
  • Laminate wall panels (wall and ceiling panels)
  • Natural stone wall cladding
  • Plastic wall cladding (waterproof plastic panels)
  • Product overview wall cladding from planeo

Is there waterproof wall cladding for damp rooms?

Yes. Plastic wall systems can be completely waterproof and can even be installed in the shower. Vinyl is also being used more and more as a wall covering, even in the bathroom and shower. Here you will find everything you need to know about vinyl as wall covering.

How can wall cladding be installed?

All kinds of cladding require a load-bearing wall. Many wall coverings have a mounting system, either rails with clips, or special adhesives which can also be attached as strips on the back. Special mounting adhesives help with loose wall elements such as solid wood. Take a look at the manufacturer's instructions before deciding on the right system for your walls.

Which wall cladding is suitable in the bathroom?

Choose a wall covering suitable for damp rooms. Apart from the classic tile, this also includes plastic wall coverings such as vinyl or foamed rigid PVC, wall and ceiling panels, glass, natural stone and the 4mm-thin Kobert-In panels. In well-ventilated damp rooms, wood is also conceivable, as long as it is not in a directly wet area. More answers about the waterproof planeo wall cladding DesignWall Aqua. Vinyl is also very much in vogue on the wall in the bathroom. Find out more here.