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Wall cushions
Decorative and sound-absorbing cushions for the wall

With aesthetic, sound-absorbing wall cushions from our range, you can effectively improve the acoustics in the room and add dramatic features at the same time. Our wall cushions are made of ecological materials, are pet-friendly and are easy to clean. Available in different shapes and colours, they boast easy, quick assembly and can be mixed-and-matched.

33 Item(s)

33 Item(s)

Wall cushions – decorative, practical and versatile

What are wall cushions?

There are various ways to decorate and beautify bare walls. Instead of wallpaper or panels made of wood or plastic, wall cushions create a homely atmosphere in any room. Our high-quality cushions provide sound-absorbing acoustic benefits in any room, have a warming effect and can be used as comfortable backrests. Placed behind the bed, our cushions for the wall form a decorative visual finish and also function as a comfortable headboard for reading or watching television. In the dining room, benches or stools can simply be placed along the table, with cushions on the wall serving as uncomplicated, visually appealing and versatile backrests.

Embellish walls and tiles with cushions

With sound-absorbing, natural and aesthetic wall cushions from planeo, ugly wall tiles are a thing of the past. Removing old wall tiles is time-consuming and dirty, and painting over them often does not produce the desired effect. Installing cushions, though, transforms an unattractive, cold surface into a warm and inviting centrepiece.

Cushions on the wall – ideal for private property and commercial use

Rooms used for commercial purposes often have to be adapted, converted and redecorated quickly. Covering a wall with cushions is a highly efficient solution. The colour of the room can be changed quickly and empty rooms can be visually filled. No remodelling or painting work in the conventional sense is required.

Decorating your own property with high-quality wall cushions from planeo is also a great way to upgrade your living space. They are easy to clean and made of ecological materials – our wall cushions are a healthy, easy-care choice even for households with pets.

Cushions for walls from planeo – practical DIY assembly guaranteed

Wall cushion panels from planeo are easily glued to the wall with assembly adhesive and are available in various shapes, colours and sizes. Let your creativity run wild and create a refined, cosy and individual living atmosphere with planeo wall cushions.