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Parquet flooring
Timeless and durable floors in different patterns

Traditional parquet brings history into your living space. Its robustness makes this flooring suitable for most living areas, from the living room to the hallway. It withstands heavy wear and tear and gives your rooms the timeless appeal of real wood.

Design your personal cozy atmosphere with the help of color schemes.

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Parquet brings warmth and elegance to your home

Parquet is a floor covering with a long tradition. Whether in a living room at home or in a prestigious foyer, a parquet floor always looks the part. This elegant wood flooring exudes a homely warmth. Prefabricated parquet impresses with its high resistance. In our range, we offer you modern parquet floors that you will love for years and years.

Parquet is your ideal companion, every day

Parquet is not only visually stunning; it is also easy to care for. You can clean it with a vacuum and a mop. Unlike with textile floor coverings, you have the peace of mind of being able to completely remove all dust and dirt from your living space. Modern prefabricated parquet also scores with its robustness. Thanks to its multi-layered construction, it’s surprisingly stable. In addition, sealing the surface with special lacquers or oils offers long-term protection against scratches and damage. So many benefits!

Parquet floors at a glance:

  • Parquet is easy to clean and maintain as part of your everyday routine
  • Parquet floorboards have a super-sturdy construction
  • Prefabricated parquet is made from natural materials
  • Click parquet can be laid without any prior experience
  • Parquet is pleasantly warm, even barefoot

A parquet floor goes with everything

Depending on the treatment of the surface and the dimensions of the planks, parquet floors can create a variety of different impressions. Large-format country house floorboards are particularly on-trend. They create a cosy atmosphere and bring an organic warmth to both small and large living rooms. If you choose planks with a circumferential V-joint, the impression of a traditional wooden floor is further enhanced. Smaller formats with a discreet micro joint look more classic and complement almost any interior style.

With parquet, the design scope is almost unlimited due to the variety of different woods. The choice ranges from light woods with a harmonious grain to very dark, rich wood. Parquet floors made of oak are particularly sturdy and are extremely resistant to scratches in everyday use. Choose the right thickness of grain and colour of wood and you can give your living space that perfect rustic, elegant or funky look.

Buy parquet online and install it yourself

Have you been dreaming of a modern parquet floor? Would like to install it yourself? Nothing could be easier. Our speedy delivery means your chosen floor arrives and you can start installing it in no time. All our ready-made parquets are equipped with an innovative click system which allows you to slot the planks together quickly and effortlessly. Even in large rooms, you can lay generous country house parquet planks in just a few hours. Thanks to the use of carefully selected materials and modern production methods, we offer you high-quality parquet floors that impress with their durability and contemporary appearance.

The 5 most frequently asked questions about Parquet Flooring

Parquet is not suitable for installation in damp rooms. To adapt to the climatic conditions of the room, parquet planks should be stored for about 48 hours to acclimatise. As wood is a living natural material, leave an expansion gap of 10 mm between the floor and the wall when installing. You can cover this later with skirting boards or cover strips.

The colour of the parquet floor has a great influence on the overall effect of the room. Parquet in paler colours immediately brings light into the room and makes it appear larger. Dark parquet floors look noble and opulent, while exuding warmth and cosiness. Grey wooden floors create a calm, elegant ambience. Natural-coloured floors are cosy and neutral and can fit any room, be it lively or calm, rustic or elegant.

Parquet with a lacquered surface reflects more light and is easier to clean. Oiled parquet brings out the fine grain of the wood and its natural colour. It’s important that a parquet floor with a lacquered surface is maintained and, if necessary, re-oiled over time.

The general rule is that the planks should be laid lengthwise towards the light. This emphasises the shape of the room. For long and narrow rooms, it is recommended to lay parquet lengthwise.

As a natural floor covering, parquet is protected from dirt and moisture by a sealant. For initial care, it is sufficient to clean the parquet floor dry with a broom, mop or vacuum cleaner. A naturally oiled parquet floor must also be treated with a suitable agent. Clean the parquet surface either dry or with a slightly damp cloth or mop.

Our FAQ section contains answers to these and many other questions regarding Parquet Flooring. If you have any further questions, we are happy to assist you.
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