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Ship's floor parquet
the versatile parquet solution

Ship's floor is a widely used parquet look. Create a modern, dynamic effect in no time, with our wide range of parquet solutions. Check them out at planeo now!

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Ship’s floor parquet is charming

A wooden boat deck does not consist of wide planks but narrow boards. Three narrow boards each form a plank, which is why ship’s floor parquet is also called 3-strip parquet. This special design is still very popular among parquet lovers.

A range of designs

Ship’s floor parquet is available in oak, beech and maple, among other variants. Annual rings can appear just as much as knotholes or similar wood structures.

Surfaces are finished in different ways. Some are left natural and are only oiled to seal the surface. Others are brushed and lacquered. With a lacquer finish, certain new colour nuances can be introduced. Ship's floor parquet is also available in a UV-oiled version. With this surface sealing, the parquet floorboards are first oiled and then hardened by means of UV radiation. The advantage of this process is that the surface is already completely dry and so the new parquet floor can be used immediately after installation.

Laying ship's floor parquet yourself

No special training is necessary to lay ship's floor parquet yourself. The planks are equipped with a click system and so simply plug together and fix with a click. A jigsaw is advantageous for sawing out cable ducts or shortening the planks. You can also use it to remove the tongue and groove of the first row. No other tools are required. You can cut the planks with a foxtail, but this is a bit tedious.

Most important is to determine the direction of installation. In most cases, this is done at right angles to the windows, although it’s up to you! It makes sense to lay a few planks in the room on a trial basis before the actual installation. This makes it easy to see which installation direction is best for the room in question.

Cleaning and caring for ship’s floor parquet

Since the surface is made of wood, parquet has no electrostatic effect. Therefore, cleaning is easy with a hoover or a damp cloth. Should scratches or damage of any other kind occur on the surface over the years, the ship's bottom parquet can be sanded down and resealed, thanks to its thick wear layer.