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Lacquered parquet
easy-care and abrasion resistant

A parquet floor with a lacquered surface comes in different gloss levels from ultra matt to high gloss. Parquet lacquers offer enormous resistance to abrasion. The lacquer finish serves to protect the wear layer and guarantees the longevity of the wood floor. In addition, lacquered parquet surfaces are very easy to maintain.

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Lacquered parquet: surface-treated real wood flooring

Many people still opt for real wood parquet when it comes to high-quality and durable floor coverings. There are numerous wood types and styles to choose from. An additional surface treatment can enrich both the appearance and the functionality of the floor.

Varnished parquet at a glance

  • surface treatment with several layers of lacquer
  • durable and robust
  • easy to care for thanks to sealing
  • high-quality look

What exactly is lacquered parquet?

Lacquered parquet is often also sold under the name "sealed parquet". This is because several layers of lacquer are applied to the surface of the real wood floor. Up to seven layers are possible. In this way, an almost complete sealing of the wood is achieved. UV radiation is often used to cure the lacquer as quickly as possible. Even though the lacquer reduces the natural look of the wood floor, it replaces it with an elegant and stylish new look.

What are the advantages of parquet with a lacquered surface?

Probably the biggest advantage of lacquered parquet is the fact that the sealant prevents moisture from penetrating the wood. If moisture gets on the parquet floor – for example, from rainwater on your shoes or from spilled drinks – you have enough time to wipe it up before it can get into the wood and affect it permanently. Laying lacquered parquet on underfloor heating is also no problem. Parquet with a lacquered surface is the ideal choice for dry living areas such as living rooms or bedrooms as well as for commercial areas with moderate to normal use such as hotel rooms.

Easy-care parquet with a lacquered surface reduces the need for maintenance

Another positive product feature of lacquered parquet floors that many users appreciate is the easy-care nature of the surfaces. You can save yourself time-consuming maintenance or cleaning if you choose a lacquer finish. The evenly applied layers create a homogeneous overall impression and an even surface that is easy to clean. In contrast to oiled parquet, cleaning is easier and less complicated.