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Dark parquet
particularly elegant

Parquet in dark shades is considered particularly noble and elegant. The dark colouring occurs naturally with woods such as walnut, merbau or wenge. However, light woods can also be made dark though colouring or a special heat treatment. Combining light furnishings with dark parquet will liven up your home. Get inspiration from the planeo range!

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Dark parquet is robust flooring with style

Real wood floors continue to enjoy great popularity because of their robustness, durability and attractive design. Of course, you can choose from numerous variants and colour shades to match your decor. Dark parquet has a particularly striking effect in large rooms.

Dark parquet at a glance

  • attractive real wood flooring
  • resistant and robust
  • particularly suitable for large rooms
  • creates contrasts
  • warm underfoot and sound absorbing
  • easy to install without prior knowledge

Parquet in a dark colour enriches your living and working spaces

Dark parquet floors are currently very much on-trend. Their stylish and high-quality appearance quickly upgrades your style. Large rooms in particular benefit from these versatile floors; dark panels come into their own in generously proportioned rooms.

Combining dark parquet with light-coloured furniture

To show off your dark parquet floor to its best advantage, you can combine it with light-coloured furniture to create effective contrasts. Since dark parquet naturally fades less quickly than light wood, your real wood floor will remain in perfect condition for a long time. The grains, which are particularly well accentuated in dark parquet, enhance the natural look of the floor.

Maintaining dark parquet flooring and keeping it looking great for a long time

To ensure that your dark parquet floor gives you pleasure for as long as possible, regular care is necessary. Dust and light dirt can easily be removed with a damp cloth. Sweeping with a soft broom can also help to remove dirt and protect the wood. Wet wiping, on the other hand, should be avoided. At planeo you will find suitable care and cleaning products to clean and maintain your parquet floors. If there are deeper scratches, you have the option of sanding the parquet and giving it a brand-new look. Contact us – we will be happy to advise you!