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Parquet plank pattern
the on-trend parquet solution

Parquet in a plank pattern is particularly popular thanks to its spacious look. The variants range from country style to rustic with knots. Request your personal selection of country-house floorboard samples from us free of charge!

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A parquet plank floor is not only suitable for a manor house. It also conjures up a unique atmosphere in any city flat. The special thing about country house floorboards is the 1-strip look. The range of wood types is extensive. The most commonly used types of wood are oak and larch. Since these have different colours and grains by nature, each plank is unique.

Plank parquet is rustic and beautiful

All natural wooden floors look great. But a good treatment can elevate a floor. We offer either lacquered or oiled parquet plank flooring. Oiling can create special nuances whereas lacquering parquet provides a glossy protective layer and therefore low maintenance.

The variety of plank designs means this country-house parquet can be installed in almost any room. Its timelessness means it’s unaffected by fashion trends. Wooden flooring was fashionable many decades ago and will remain current and popular for many decades to come.

Plank parquet is something special

The planks used for such a parquet floor consist of three layers. The base layer establishes the connection with the subfloor. The middle layer serves as the foundation for the wooden plank. Since these 1-strip planks are very wide, only a small number can be obtained from one tree trunk. That is what makes these wide planks so special.

Parquet plank flooring is easy to install yourself

When it comes to laying a parquet floor, many people fear that the work has to be done by an experienced craftsperson. But this is not the case with a modern parquet plank floor. Even inexperienced laypeople can do it. Click parquet means planks are simply pushed together.

You must leave about one centimetre of space between the flooring and the wall to serve as an expansion joint – due to changes in humidity and temperature, the floor expands to different degrees and if there is not enough space, warping will occur.

In addition to being easy to install, 1-strip parquet also offers the advantage of easy cleaning. The dust on the plank parquet is quickly removed with a hoover.