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Oiled parquet
natural comfort

Parquet with an oiled surface looks natural and is very comfortable. You need to clean oiled parquet and care for it properly to enjoy it for years to come.

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1-36 of 324

After installation: re-oil the parquet

Oiled parquet is delivered pre-oiled from the factory. The degree of saturation of the oil in the wood is about 80%. This is not enough to prevent stains on oiled parquet. Therefore, the parquet must be re-oiled after installation. Even when cleaning oiled parquet, some oil is removed from the wood each time. Therefore, you must refresh and re-oil it. You can use two different methods to re-oil. You can apply the oil straight to the surface with a cloth or you can use water with a small amount of oil when wiping.

Cleaning oiled parquet

Oiled parquet is something special among wooden floor coverings. It differs not only in its natural appearance, but also in its special care requirements. The oil in the surface treatment penetrates deep into the wood and fills the pores of the natural raw material. Unlike lacquer, this creates a natural protection that needs to be renewed regularly by re-oiling. When the parquet wood is saturated with oil, the pores close and the wood is protected against the penetration of water and dirt. However, the oil saturation decreases over time and a grey haze can appear on the oiled parquet. This can happen especially in areas that are heavily used.

Even more care for oiled parquet

Use care products for oiled parquet so that you can enjoy your natural floor covering for a long time. You can touch up oiled parquet and almost completely remove scratches on it by re-oiling and polishing the surface. Not recommended for oiled parquet is the use of a steam cleaner, as the oiled wood surface, unlike a lacquered one, has no protective layer. When you clean oiled parquet, it should be done with a damp mop. Oiled parquet should only be sealed with special oil. It is not recommended to varnish oiled parquet. The varnish cannot form a bond with the oil-soaked wood. With the right care, you will enjoy your oiled parquet floor for many years. Browse through our range, you will find what you are looking for in the floor care category from planeo!