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Oak parquet
for a natural living environment

Oak parquet is not only decorative, it is also strong and hardwearing.

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1-36 of 310

Oak parquet – robustness with natural character

Oak parquet is made using a native wood species famed as a particularly hard and durable building material. Everyone is familiar with the sturdy, reliable oak planks used in historical buildings.

Oak is available in countless colour nuances and inspires creative living ideas. Oak parquet floorboards offer ample scope for individual interior design. Whether oiled or lacquered , oak parquet withstands everyday life and lends natural character to any room.

Oak parquet – versatile by nature

A parquet floor shapes the character of a room. But it’s not just about looks. Floors which are exposed to particular stresses need hard and robust materials. The use of oak parquet is a favourable way to combine resilience with elegance and warmth. An oak parquet floor can also really accentuate calm and cosiness, making it a wonderful option for use in the bedroom. Browse our range for lacquered, matt sealed or natural oiled oak parquet.

Oak parquet – a floor covering for life

Oak parquet is one of the most popular floor coverings. And not without reason. Rustic, ship 's floor or sealed oak parquet all make a statement and boast impressive longevity. It’s particularly important to maintain an oak parquet floor to maintain these qualities. Properly maintained, a real wood parquet oak floor, be it hand-planed, white limed, white oiled hand-planed or rough sawn, can look good for a lifetime. And oak can be combined very well with almost any material like hardly any other wood. Order from the planeo store!