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Parquet in medium shades
neither dark nor light

Parquet in a medium shade complements all sorts of décor. Subtle wood tones create a perfect basis for cosy room design.

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1-36 of 162

Parquet in the medium shades has a particularly harmonious effect

Parquet flooring is still one of the most popular floor coverings for living spaces of all kinds. Parquet in the medium shades is particularly popular. It’s represents a good compromise between cosy and lively.

Buy parquet in medium-light woods at planeo

The type of wood used to manufacture the parquet determines its appearance. The types of wood in the medium colour range include beech, oak and maple. Find the parquet flooring that appeals to you best, both visually and functionally, at planeo now.

It is not only the types of wood that influence the appearance of the parquet. The appearance is also determined to a considerable extent by the processing technique of the surface. You can choose between oiled and lacquered parquet floors with a brushed, sanded or planed texture. Due to the different types of wood and the different surface treatments, you can choose from a wide choice of impressive parquet floors.

Laying parquet in a medium shade

Special craftsmanship is not required to install parquet flooring on your own. Skills with a saw and a hammer are sufficient. Since the parquet from our range is installed by clicking, the planks do not have to be fixed to the subfloor. This saves you time and effort.

When laying the parquet, simply start at one wall. To allow the material to expand unhindered, a small gap of about ten millimetres should be left next to all walls. This will later be covered by the skirting board. The panels are then gradually clicked together using a patented system. Due to this simple procedure, large areas can be completed in a short time.

Minimal maintenance

The daily maintenance of medium-light parquet flooring is limited to cleaning, which is a breeze. Thanks to the high-quality surface finish and sealant, the parquet does not accumulate dirt easily. Therefore, a hoover is usually sufficient to clean the parquet floor. Choose parquet floors with appealing shades from the certified flooring range of planeo. We will be happy to advise you!