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Brushed parquet
a beautiful finish

If you want a particularly elegant finish to your real wood floor, choose the unique effect of brushed parquet.

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1-36 of 548

Brushed parquet at a glance

  • unique structures are created through brushing
  • sets a stylish accents
  • uniquely tactile
  • structure conceals minor damage and soiling
  • robust and durable

Brushed parquet – advantages and disadvantages

If you are looking for a real wood floor with a particularly natural structure, take a look at brushed parquet. Some of the softer components have been removed by brushing, leaving grain and annual rings. Walking on a brushed parquet floor is particularly pleasant and the look is unparalleled. The flooring is very robust and durable. On the other hand, the surface structure also makes it susceptible to soiling, which can be difficult to remove. Sanding the panels for renovation purposes means the complete loss of structure.

A variety of finishes

Besides brushed parquet, other real wood floors with special surface finishes are available. For example, planed parquet offers uneven and antique-looking structures. This variant is also known as scraped parquet. Lye-treated parquet, on the other hand, is treated to protect the wood from colour changes caused by UV rays. With whitewashed parquet, the pores are filled with lime and then coated with wax, which emphasises the grain and creates eye-catching effects.

Brushed parquet – care

Although brushed parquet is very durable, it still requires some care to keep it in perfect condition over time. As with most parquet, the floor should be regularly wiped dry; wet cleaning should only be done with a damp cloth. Clear, lukewarm water is usually quite sufficient. If in doubt, you can use a neutral cleaner. In addition, special cleaning agents for parquet are available that you can use to care for your floor.