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Tiles - a dry tile-laying system
Laying tiles dry without adhesive

Gluing tiles without tile adhesive – with our dry-laying system for floor tiles, it’s possible! Lay tiles dry – without any additional adhesive, cleanly and conveniently. With the innovative DIY tiles from our range, you can enjoy an installation that is much faster than with classic tiles. You can completely remove the tiles in a flash. If you have any questions about the wonders of dry-laying tiles, we’ll happy to advise you – get in touch!

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34 Item(s)

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Simply ingenious: sticking tiles without tile adhesive

A floor tiled with ceramic tiles offers numerous advantages: it is not only easy to maintain and therefore very hygienic, but it’s also antistatic and durable. The range of designs is second to none. The disadvantage, however, is the lack of flexibility. Once tiles have been firmly laid, they can usually no longer be removed; that is unless you opt for the modern dry-laying system from planeo. This allows you to lay tiles dry without the use of tile adhesive. You lay our highly flexible DIY tiles without glue and benefit from easy handling, clean execution and a significantly shorter working time than with classic tiling.

Lay tiles dry – planeo makes it possible!

Laying tiles without glue? Nothing could be easier!
Innovative DIY tiles from planeo are laid without any adhesive at all, quickly and smoothly. In addition to the other advantages that robust tile coverings bring, the process of "laying tiles dry" offers a high degree of flexibility and speed. No lengthy drying times for tile adhesive – the new floor can be walked on immediately after installation! And don’t worry about damaged tiles – they can be replaced within minutes. Another advantage of tiles without adhesive: if you need to remove the tiles, your floor can be completely dismantled without any leaving any residue or creating any dust.

Laying tiles without adhesive: how does it work?

Our DIY tiles without adhesive are mainly ceramic, but have a 3 mm-thick layer of cork on the back, which gives the tiles the necessary stability. This is cut very precisely so that it protrudes just enough to provide a narrow joint between the tiles. After dry laying, the joins are filled with a special grout developed to give the surface maximum load-bearing capacity. The inherent weight of the ceramic tile ensures that the cork layer independently adheres to the subfloor and at the same time provides excellent footfall protection, with a high degree of thermal insulation.

Laying tiles without adhesive is an ingeniously simple solution that has many advantages for builders, craftspeople and architects. Dry tiling is much faster than traditional tiling. By laying tiles without adhesive, you have the option of removing the tiles without leaving any residue or dust and easily replacing them if they are damaged. Laying tiles dry means clean, fast work, immediate walkability and also trouble-free planning for architects. The only prerequisite for use of our DIY tiles is a level, load-bearing substrate that is free from release agents. If this important condition is fulfilled, nothing stands in the way of a successful execution your tiling project!

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