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Industrial & commercial floor
versatile use in the contract and private sector

An industrial floor is characterised by extreme mechanical resilience and is the ideal floor covering for commercial properties such as factories, workshops or supermarkets. But industrial flooring is also perfectly suited for use in private areas such as garages, cellars or hobby rooms. Industrial tiles meet high safety requirements and are robust, anti-slip, anti-static and fire safe. They are resistant to most oils, chemicals and greases and prove economical thanks to their hard-wearing, durable quality. The quick and easy installation of industrial flooring also helps you save money and time. Industrial flooring from our range is made from recycled materials and is therefore fully recyclable. In addition, our floors have a high level of sound insulation and are easy to clean and maintain.

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Industrial flooring: extremely resilient with a slip-resistant surface

Environments which regularly experience extremely high loads, such as factories, warehouses or shops, demand floor coverings specially produced for the contract sector. planeo’s Industrial floors with their maximum robustness and anti-slip, anti-static and fire-proof properties are perfectly suited for this purpose. These hard-wearing, easy-care industrial floor coverings are also ideal for rooms in private living areas such as cellars, garages or hobby rooms. They meet all safety requirements for commercial buildings and are significantly more durable than ordinary flooring. Shock-, impact- and scratch-resistant industrial tiles have a sound-absorbing effect and are therefore an excellent choice for use in the catering trade, canteen kitchens, clinics and reception rooms. In addition, industrial floor coverings from our range are easy to maintain, no matter what’s thrown at them!

Industrial flooring from planeo: economical, durable, recyclable

Industrial flooring must not be sensitive to extremes of temperature, particularly in industries such as catering. In a workshop, it must withstand high pressure loads and always retain its shape. Our industrial floors are also resistant to household chemicals and aggressive cleaners and can be installed easily, quickly and without special tools, so operations are not held up. The loosely laid, large-format industrial tiles can be walked on after just a few hours. Subfloor preparation is usually not necessary, because our industrial flooring can be laid immediately, even on problematic and uneven subfloors in old buildings. This saves you time and money: in no time at all, you’ll have an extremely resilient, reliable subfloor made of recyclable materials for your private or commercially used rooms.

Industrial tiles in various colours at planeo

In our planeo online shop, we offer you high-quality floor coverings for private and industrial use that are completely recyclable – great for you and the environment. Our product range includes colourful commercial floors as well as variants with an authentic concrete look. Dreary factory buildings can be given new life!

The unique advantages of industrial flooring in the planeo shop

Industrial flooring has many areas of application. Particularly for companies in the food industry, defective flooring can violate hygiene regulations. In factories, floors in need of repair can be extremely dangerous. Often, issues can be swiftly rectified with a new industrial floor, applied using the click system. In garages or hobby workshops, an industrial floor is also a good alternative to cold concrete or porous screed.

The advantages of an industrial floor from planeo:

    • Stays resistant and robust
    • Very economical due to its durability
    • Great for both industrial and home use
    • Extreme mechanical resilience
    • Quick and easy installation
    • High sound-absorbing effect
    • Resistant to oils, chemicals and greases
    • Meets high safety requirements
    • 100% recyclable

You too can now opt for a super-robust industrial floor from our online shop. Choose an easy-to-install flooring solution for areas with heavy loads, whether in your garage or your work environment. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help – in person or by phone, chat or email!

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