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Vinyl flooring for dogs and cats
humans and pets living happily together

Vinyl is one of the most pet-friendly floor coverings. Water-resistant, robust, slip-resistant and easy-to-maintain, with a great range of structures, colours, wear layer thicknesses and use classes, you might want to request some free samples to help you decide!

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1-36 of 158

Vinyl – the pet-friendly floor covering

Choosing the right flooring is extremely important for both two-legged and four-legged friends. Properties such as slip resistance, low maintenance and water resistance are really important for your everyday life with animals. Vinyl is generally robust and also impact-resistant, too. Textured floors are particularly advantageous, as they give the animals a good grip even when wet. If you want to be on the safe side, choose vinyl floors with an R10 slip resistance class.

Since dogs and cats bring in dirt and moisture, a water-repellent floor that is easy to clean is clearly an advantage. It means less housework for you and more time to spend with your four-legged friends. Dirt and wetness are no problem for waterproof solid vinyl. It can simply be wet-wiped and you’re done!

Vinyl flooring – non-slip, easy on the joints and warm underfoot

Robust and durable vinyl flooring stands up well to the everyday stresses and strains of living with pets. It offers a warm surface for romping and playing that cushions footsteps and noises. Everyone enjoys the pleasant walking feel. The resilient structure and warming properties of vinyl flooring are particularly beneficial for older pets. The sound-absorbing properties contribute towards a quieter environment, which also benefits the neighbours!

Vinyl flooring is also safe. Various testing institutes set tight emission limits for vinyl flooring. This means that you and your pet benefit from a healthy atmosphere as well as a beautiful, warm floor. Its dirt-repellent and antibacterial properties are even more reason to choose this hygienic floor covering.

Pet-friendly vinyl flooring at a glance:

  • slip-resistant, antistatic, slip-proof
  • elastic and easy on the joints
  • soft, warm to the feet and therefore barefoot-friendly
  • hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant
  • waterproof properties
  • quietens your room
  • easy to clean and hygienic
  • attractive range of designs
  • product safety through pollutant control
  • great price-performance ratio

Our versatile vinyl flooring is available in different use classes. The higher the wear layer, the higher the use class.

Which wear layer to choose for vinyl floors for dogs and cats?

First things first: not all vinyl floors are equally suitable for use in households with animals. The character traits and habits of your furry friend are the most important considerations when choosing the correct vinyl floor. For calm, smaller and older animals, vinyl floors with usage classes for private living areas are perfectly adequate.

For large, heavy and agile pets that need a lot of exercise, we recommend vinyl floors with an extra thick wear layer. With a wear layer of 0.5 mm or more or a use class of at least NK 32, these floors are also suitable for commercial use.

Pet-friendly floor coverings from planeo

Depending on their temperament, pets can put different amounts of strain on floors. An animal with an active temperament can leave lots of marks on the floor with its claws, particularly in the form of dirt and scratches. We recommend that you use light-coloured adhesive or click vinyl floors. Please note that even high wear layers and use classes are not guaranteed against every single scratch: there is simply no flooring that can withstand certain extremes of wear and tear and remain as new.

Fortunately, you have an enormous range to choose from, including some of the toughest floors available, and all at surprisingly reasonable prices. At planeo you will find the perfect vinyl floor for you and your pet. With so many different colours and designs, you will find a floor which both you and your pets love!

Our services

At planeo you will receive comprehensive advice and support. Take advantage of our comprehensive service :

  • order up to 7 FREE samples
  • storage free of charge for up to 3 months
  • professional expert advice until 9 pm

We are happy to support you in your search for pet-friendly vinyl flooring – you will find what you are looking for in our online shop!