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PVC-free vinyl flooring
free from harmful plasticisers

PVC-free flooring is about floor coverings that are free of harmful substances and do not contain any questionable additives. Check out our PVC-free ranges from Meister, wineo PURLINE or HARO DISANO. They are just as robust and easy to clean as regular vinyl floors. They combine the proven properties of modern designer vinyl with the growing demand for a more responsible and healthy living environment.

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Healthy and functional flooring

Vinyl floors had a bad reputation for a long time. The reason was the PVC used, which contained plasticisers and could have negative effects on health. Modern designer floors do not use PVC at all and are in no way inferior to real wood floors in terms of appearance, functionality and health properties. You can use them to furnish both commercial and private spaces in a variety of ways.

PVC-free design floors are great:

  • no harmful plasticisers
  • healthy and particularly suitable for allergy sufferers
  • wide variety of designs
  • almost indistinguishable from real wood
  • sound-absorbing and warm underfoot
  • durable and easy to clean

Flooring without PVC – a healthy alternative

Those who cannot or do not want to install real wood flooring in their rooms are pleasantly surprised when they turn to this "artificial" alternative. Designer floors are in no way inferior in appearance to real parquet; however, many people still have concerns about the PVC that used to be used in making vinyl. This substance has been proven to have negative consequences for health. The modern designer floors in the planeo range do not use PVC at all. The materials used, such as PET or PP, are also used in the production of plastic bottles and are completely harmless.

PVC-free design floors: comfortable and robust

Modern designer floors have no adverse effect on health and, in terms of functionality and comfort, they are in no way inferior to real wood floors. At first glance, the versatile wood decors are virtually indistinguishable from real wood. In addition, these designer floors are particularly robust and feature scratch-resistant surfaces. They are also easy to clean and can withstand heavy everyday wear and tear without any problem.

Designer floors without PVC – easy installation without prior knowledge

You can create a variety of effects by combining different designs and decors. A floor covering with a herringbone pattern, for example, is particularly appealing. Of course, you can choose from both light and dark tones, so that you can install exactly the floor that suits you and your space. Plus, installation is so simple that you needn’t hire a tradesperson – you can do it yourself!