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Cork click parquet
robust yet soft

Cork click parquet is a natural floor covering with excellent properties for living areas. Cork always feels warm to the touch. The material is particularly soft and yet hard-wearing. And a modern cork floor looks beautiful.

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In the planeo shop you can get numerous designs and different effects. How about a click parquet made of cork in refined stone effect, for example? It’s an elegant addition to any modern interior. Wood effects are also available. The classic cork look is also timeless and has an extremely calming effect. Various surface treatments emphasise the natural character of cork and give the parquet real personality.

Cork click parquet – special features and properties

Cork click parquet is insulating and sound-absorbing. Click parquet feels pleasant to the touch. The floor is warm, quiet and suitable for bare feet. The material is elastic, robust and durable. It is ideal for rooms that are heavily used. Especially in children's rooms, cork parquet is a very good choice. The flooring creates a pleasant playing surface and easily withstands active children and impacts from toys.

Cork parquet – click installation and care tips

Cork parquet is easy to install thanks to an innovative click system. If you use the floating technique, the flooring is even suitable for underfloor heating. The planks click together and form a firm bond. Simply follow the instructions in the installation manual. The same applies to cleaning and care. Cork is maintenance-free and insensitive to moisture. Dry cleaning with a broom is usually sufficient. However, you should occasionally give the flooring a thorough cleaning. Special cleaning and care products are available for this purpose. Which ones to use depends on the surface treatment. Sealed cork floors require a special cleaner for maintenance. Wood soap is best suited for oiled cork parquet.

Click cork parquet - the advantages at a glance:

  • sustainable natural flooring with a modern design
  • good insulation and soundproofing
  • elastic and hardwearing
  • pleasant to walk on and great barefoot
  • insensitive to moisture
  • easy to install thanks to innovative click system
  • maintenance-free