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Adhesive floor tiles
the versatile vinyl floor for gluing

Adhesive vinyl is one of the most versatile floor coverings. With a construction height of 2-3mm, adhesive vinyl floors are particularly flat and also waterproof. This makes them perfect for renovating damp rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. With a wear layer of 0.5mm, adhesive vinyl flooring is ideal for heavily used areas such as commercial spaces. Order free adhesive vinyl samples now and see for yourself!

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Adhesive vinyl for versatile use

Whether you want to install a new floor in your living room or bedroom, renovate your kitchen and bathroom or give your office a new shine, adhesive vinyl will serve you well when redesigning your floor in the private, commercial or contract sector. Vinyl flooring is particularly versatile. Very flat adhesive vinyl floors with 2-3mm installation height are waterproof and are ideal for renovating damp rooms. With a wear layer from 0.5mm, adhesive vinyl is ideal for heavy-duty commercial areas. Adhesive vinyl with a wear layer of 0.7mm is ideal for heavy-traffic areas in commercial buildings.

The adhesive design flooring is firmly bonded to the subfloor during installation. This installation method ensures an additional impact-sound-absorbing effect in the room. You can glue the vinyl laminate to the wet bed over the entire surface or you can opt to glue down your flooring. Our guide article "Gluing vinyl flooring - the 4 ways to install adhesive vinyl" provides you with detailed information on the topic.

Adhesive design flooring: features and advantages

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Very thin and therefore ideal for renovation work
  • Pleasant room acoustics thanks to firm fixing to the subfloor
  • Waterproof and therefore great for humid rooms
  • Wide range of designs to suit your room style
  • Suited to almost any application

Great designs

You will find a huge variety of vinyl flooring in our range - from natural wood or stone effects to exciting modern designs. With adhesive vinyl, you can transform your rooms with imagination.

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The 8 most frequently asked questions about Adhesive Floor Tiles

Adhesive vinyl – also known as dryback vinyl or vinyl for gluing – is thin solid vinyl planks that are laid with additional adhesive. Our online range of designs and formats is very diverse. Let us send you some samples free of charge. The flooring is very thin (2-3mm), so a very even subfloor is always required.

Today’s adhesive vinyl can be divided into two types:

Classic adhesive vinyl with a dry back is applied using a notched trowel. Self-adhesive vinyl has a dry adhesive already applied to the back so you don’t need to apply any additional adhesive to the subfloor.

  • Adhesive vinyl flooring on a wet bed
  • Adhesive vinyl floating on insulation
  • Self-adhesive vinyl
  • Vinyl planks with double-sided adhesive foil

Learn more about the 4 installation techniques of adhesive vinyl here.

Check out here which questions you need to answer to decide between clicking or gluing.

Self-adhesive vinyl flooring needs a very smooth subfloor. Tiles are therefore not ideal, as the grout pattern then becomes visible in the vinyl flooring. You can remedy this by filling the tiles.

Yes, adhesive vinyl is always made of solid vinyl. The material is absolutely waterproof. However, please note that adhesives vary. Some adhesives are only waterproof for 6 hours. This is sufficient for normal use in the bathroom.

You can use all smooth and firm subfloors for self-adhesive vinyl flooring. Absorbent subfloors require a subfloor pre-treatment with primer. Be sure to follow the installation instructions.

No, with self-adhesive vinyl flooring the adhesive is already included on the back of the plank. In some cases, however, you will need to apply a primer to the subfloor to achieve the optimum adhesion effect.

Our FAQ section contains answers to these and many other questions regarding Adhesive Floor Tiles. If you have any further questions, we are happy to assist you.
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