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wineo adhesive vinyl
produced in Germany

With wineo adhesive vinyl, you are choosing a first-class product made in Germany. Attractive designs meet maximum functionality and durability.

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Firmly bonded to the subfloor, the glued-down designer floors from wineo also boast an impact-sound-absorbing effect. Thanks to a low installation height of a maximum of 2.5 mm, the adhesive vinyl from wineo is perfect for renovation work and refurbishments in areas with high footfall.

Functional, hard-wearing and available in many attractive designs - you are always safe with glued down designer floors from wineo.

Laying wineo adhesive vinyl

Adhesive vinyl floors are easy and clean to install. There are several installation techniques.

Adhesive planks from wineo can be laid dry onto special insulation planeo silent stick insulation. As the insulation is floating, you can lay on almost any flat and solid subfloor.

If you lay wineo adhesive vinyl in the classic way onto a wet bed, apply adhesive with a trowel. A levelled subfloor is usually required here.

Alternatively, a dry adhesive can also be used. For this, a double-sided adhesive film is necessary, which makes it possible to remove the floor later without leaving any residue.

Transform your premises with adhesive vinyl in just a few hours. Each type of installation requires the correct subfloor preparation. Generally, a subfloor is required that is dry, flat and free of dust. The tools required are just a knife, angle and possibly a notched trowel.

Please bear in mind that the adhesive planks achieve full-surface adhesion with a 50 kg link roller.

Advantages of adhesive vinyl from wineo

Resilient floor coverings that need to be glued have many advantages

  • inexpensive

  • easy to clean

  • noise absorbing

  • easy to install

  • more durable than natural floors

  • moisture resistant

  • 100% recyclable

  • very thin

With wineo adhesive vinyl, you get a universal flooring solution that guarantees moisture protection, safety and durability.