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Vinyl flooring for the bathroom
waterproof like tiles - but warm underfoot

Vinyl flooring in the bathroom is the perfect alternative to tiles. Whether new or for renovation, a vinyl floor is warm and water-resistant. Vinyl in the bathroom is easy to install yourself, visually appealing and very easy to clean. Find the right vinyl floor for your bathroom with the help of our free samples!

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Vinyl flooring in the bathroom - the foot-warm alternative to tiles

As the bathroom is a damp room where there is always higher humidity, flooring has to meet special requirements. A solid vinyl floor is perfect for use in the bathroom thanks to its low installation height and water-repellent and foot-warm properties. It is also easy to clean, has a pleasant feel and is available in a variety of designs.

Vinyl flooring in the bathroom visually enhances the room and offers many practical advantages. You benefit from coverage without joints and enjoy pleasant foot warmth, even without underfloor heating.

Which vinyl floor is ideal for bathrooms?

Our clear recommendation is to: go for solid adhesive vinyl, also called solid vinyl for gluing. It is 100% waterproof, does not swell even with permanently high humidity and is therefore perfectly suitable for damp rooms.

Solid click vinyl is also a suitable option for your bathroom, as it is made of the same waterproof material as the solid vinyl for gluing. However, make sure that the click vinyl floor of your choice has waterproof properties and is not made with water-sensitive fillers such as chalk. You will find the necessary information about this in the respective product descriptions. Click vinyl with ISOCORE® backing, which is also conveniently available in our online shop, is an particularly bathroom-suitable.

Caution is advised, however, with click vinyl with HDF support, because it only has a top wear layer that is waterproof. This means that deformations can occur at the edges over the long term due to the effects of water.

Laying vinyl in the bathroom

Regardless of whether you choose solid adhesive vinyl or click vinyl for your bathroom renovation, careful sealing is particularly important. This will help you avoid structural damage caused by water penetration and save you unnecessary renovation work.

The vinyl floors for bathrooms in robust, waterproof designs from our range are easy to install. They are glued firmly to the subfloor during installation. It is important to glue the vinyl floor in the bathroom over the entire surface and seal the expansion joints with silicone. As a practical alternative to the adhesive, we offer you the impact sound insulation Silent Stick from planeo - a self-adhesive insulation mat for adhesive vinyl floors.

Solid vinyl can also withstand high water exposure without any problems in areas subject to high levels of wetness, such as showers and bathtubs. It is recommended that waterproof solid vinyl floors are fully sealed before installation. As solid vinyl is absolutely waterproof, you can also use it without hesitation in other damp rooms such as toilets, washrooms or utility rooms.

When sealing the subfloor professionally, pay particular attention to critical areas such as parting lines and transitions to walls, showers or other areas. Here, a special PU sealant provides lasting protection against the effects of water, solvents and UV radiation. We recommend sealing the vinyl in the bathroom with the enormously robust and non-slip PU sealant in addition to sealing with maintenance joint silicone. In this way, you are doubly protected against water penetration.

You can find important information on professional waterproofing of the substrate in the bathroom in our video on the subject of "Correctly waterproofing a bathroom in an old building".

Damp-proof vinyl on the walls, too?

One creative way to use solid vinyl in a damp room is to stick the waterproof material to the wall. You install the same vinyl decor on the floor and on the wall and thus create a uniform, harmonious image throughout the entire bathroom. When laying vinyl on the walls, make sure that the surfaces are even, just as with the floor.

Self-adhesive vinyl flooring is not suitable for use on walls because the dry adhesive on the back does not provide a permanent hold. When applying vinyl flooring to the walls of wet rooms such as the shower, it is necessary to seal the vinyl surface in addition to completely waterproofing the substrate. This ensures double protection and simplifies the maintenance of the vinyl surfaces.

Vinyl flooring in the bathroom advantages

The clean, quiet and easy application of waterproof vinyl flooring makes it possible to quickly redesign your bathroom on your own . You can save yourself high renovation costs and equip your bathroom with a long-lasting, foot-warming floor covering in tested quality at an affordable price.

Vinyl flooring for bathrooms and showers also meets hygiene requirements. The antistatic surface of the vinyl floor reliably repels dirt and dust. You simply wipe the easy-care vinyl floor in the wet room and enjoy long-lasting cleanliness. In addition, vinyl flooring for bathrooms has slip-resistant properties that ensure maximum safety even when they`re wet and damp.

What's more, when designing and renovating your bathroom with vinyl, you can enjoy an almost infinite variety of designs. Modern vinyl for the bathroom is available in all imaginable structures, colours and shapes - check out the planeo online shop.

Solid vinyl in the bathroom is the right choice:

  • 100% waterproof material - suitable for damp rooms.
  • available for gluing, clicking or as a self-adhesive version
  • easy, low-cost self-installation
  • robust, easy-care, foot-warm surface
  • available in many on-trend decors
  • balanced price-performance ratio
  • suitable for use as flooring and wall covering

With waterproof solid vinyl from our range, you are always on the safe side - make your choice now!

Our services

At planeo you will receive comprehensive advice and support. Take advantage of our comprehensive benefit from services:

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  • FREE storage for up to 3 months
  • professional expert advice until 10 p.m.

We are happy to support you with your projects - and we`re sure you will find what you`re looking for in our online shop!

Vinyl flooring in the bathroom: frequently asked questions

Is vinyl flooring suitable for the bathroom?

Yes, a solid vinyl floor (full vinyl) for gluing and clicking is completely waterproof and also very easy to clean. On the other hand, be careful with multilayer vinyl floors with a moisture-sensitive HDF core (vinyl+HDF+impact sound), as they are not waterproof.

Vinyl flooring in the bathroom - What are the advantages?

Solid vinyl is full of advantages:

  • low installation height
  • water-repellent
  • warm underfoot
  • robust
  • easy to clean
  • versatile designs
  • easy to lay
  • slip-resistant

Can I install vinyl in the shower?

Yes, you can even install solid vinyl in areas with high water exposure. However, this requires additional steps to ensure that the water does not cause any damage. In addition to completely waterproofing the subfloor, the vinyl surface must also be sealed. This applies especially to vinyl in the area of a bathtub and in the shower.

Sealing vinyl flooring in the bathroom - what is important?

Sealing solid vinyl around the edges of the bathroom is very important to prevent water from getting under the flooring. Silicone is a good way to seal expansion joints, butt joints and transitions. Because silicone is a maintenance joint, over the years it is possible for silicone to age or for movement to occur in the joints. We show you how to properly seal vinyl flooring in the bathroom in our article with a matching video on the topic.

Self-adhesive vinyl flooring in the bathroom: Is that possible?

You can also install self-adhesive vinyl flooring in the bathroom. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and to ensure that the subfloor is smooth, as any deviations will be immediately visible in the vinyl flooring. If old tiles are present, the subfloor must be filled beforehand.

Sticking vinyl flooring in the bathroom: is it necessary?

Solid adhesive vinyl, also known as solid vinyl for gluing, is absolutely waterproof and therefore perfect for use in damp rooms. Laying adhesive vinyl in the bathroom with wet glue is the most common method of gluing vinyl in the bathroom. Here you can find out what other adhesive methods are available. You can very easily lay vinyl in the bathroom dry on the self-adhesive insulation mat for adhesive vinyl planeo Silence Stick. You can find out how to do this in our video.