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Plastic wall cladding
decorative and completely recyclable

In contrast to wall panelling made of wood, plastic is particularly easy-to-clean and inexpensive. However, this does not mean that plastic wall panelling looks inferior. On the contrary: planeo plastic wall cladding is available in a high-quality stone or wood effect and so can create a cosy atmosphere all of its own. Plastic wall cladding is also not only quick to install but can also be removed when you move out.

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Plastic wall cladding is versatile and easy to clean.

planeo wall panels made of high-quality plastic offer you clear advantages. They are waterproof and can also be installed in damp rooms such as the bathroom. The plastic facing bricks are completely recyclable and can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner after dismantling. In addition, our high-quality wall panels have been manufactured according to standards that ensure they are harmless to health.

Our plastic panels come in a wide range of appealing colours and looks, so there is also a suitable model for any living space. The innovative plastic panels with 3D effect are an inexpensive and creative option for wall design. Wall panels in oak or sandstone effect are well suited for making a small room look bigger. For bathrooms, wall panels in black slate effect are particularly popular. They look deceptively similar to real tiles but are much easier to remove. Stone-effect wall cladding, on the other hand, is ideal for the living area or perhaps the kitchen. You can achieve a particularly cosy atmosphere with wood-look wall cladding. Cover parts of the wall or entire walls in style.

Installing planeo plastic wall cladding is easy

Even if you are not particularly skilled at DIY, attaching the plastic panels to your walls really is child's play. Thanks to special adhesive strips, the wall cladding adheres well to your wall and can also be easily removed later. Preparatory work is usually not necessary, because the installation panels adhere to almost any surface. Apart from the planeo adhesive strips, you do not need any other expensive accessories or tools. So, after delivery you can start laying straight away!

Properties & advantages of plastic wall cladding from planeo

Plastic wall cladding at a glance:

  • completely harmless to health
  • suitable for use in damp rooms
  • adheres to almost any surface
  • quick and easy installation without professional tools
  • recyclable
  • inexpensive
  • for partial or full wall coverage


Plastic wall panels are an ideal way to give a room a completely new look within a very short time. This type of wall covering is even suitable for bathrooms. Compared to tiles, however, plastic cladding is much cheaper to buy and also much quicker to install. In addition, our plastic wall cladding is of excellent quality and healthy to live with. Order free samples online today – if you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you!