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Wall panels easy to install
with self-adhesive strips for quick and clean installation

Our self-adhesive wall panels make DIY assembly simple, quick, and clean. The high-quality adhesive strips on the back of the panels make assembly very simple and quick. You can apply our wall panelling directly to the wall without using an adhesive. This saves you both time and money.

21 Item(s)

21 Item(s)

Wall panels easy to install for a unique ambience

planeo's high-quality wall panelling gives the interior walls of your rooms structure, style, and function. Our breathable, self-adhesive panels, which serve as the outer skin for your walls, provide several practical and aesthetic benefits. This includes our DIY wall panelling' simple, quick, and invisible installation. The planeo collection demonstrates that stylish wall covering can also be done quickly and easily. The wall panels are simple to assemble and do not require any special tools.

planeo wall panells: easy to install thanks to adhesive strips

If you want the benefits of self-adhesive wall panelling in your home but do not want to deal with laborious installation, planeo is the place to be. Our selection includes panels that can be easily attached with adhesive strips.

To begin, make certain that the surface is clean. Before assembling, ensure that it is dust-free, level, dry, and loadable. Adhesive strips are attached to the back of the individual planks, saving you the cost and effort of purchasing and applying adhesive. If the surface does not meet the above requirements, you must prime it or use an assembly adhesive.

To achieve the desired result, follow three simple steps.

After thoroughly inspecting the substrate, proceed as follows:

  1. Remove the peeling. Peel the masking tape away from the adhesive strips on the back of the panel.
  2. Adhesive. The position of the start panel is completely customizable. The panel is then attached and pressed into place.
  3. Done. You can now relax and enjoy the finished product.

In just a few steps, you can have your dream wall panelling - installation has never been easier.

planeo wall panelling: durable and fashionable

planeo wall panelling stand out not only for their ease of installation, but also for their high quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

The benefits of self-adhesive wall panels briefly:

  • stylish wall accents with simple DIY assembly
  • stick to the wall directly without leaving any residue
  • no special tools are required.
  • provides sound and heat insulation
  • neat work that does not require the use of glue
  • breathable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly
  • allows for quick and easy cleaning
  • produces a three-dimensional overlapping appearance

Our service: Your advantages

Furthermore, we provide competent service from the initial consultation to installation:

  • Order up to 7 free samples online.
  • Up to three months of free storage is possible.
  • Expert professional advice until 9 p.m.

Are you interested in our high-quality, easy-to-install wall panels and would like some personalised advice? Call or chat with planeo support. We would be delighted to assist you in locating the ideal product for your home!