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Driftwood wall cladding
the warm alternative to natural stone

Wall cladding made of driftwood is certainly a special way to finish a living space. Highlight your home, business or office with this alternative to natural stone, for some rustic flair.

15 Item(s)

15 Item(s)

Wall panelling made of driftwood looks wonderful

In addition to its warm look and handmade processing, our driftwood wall claddings are also very easy to install and can be fixed to practically any surface without any major preparation. Even old tiles or wallpaper residue that can’t be removed are no obstacles.

The panels are made by hand from real driftwood . Individual pieces of wood become a beautiful 3D wall covering. Its unique natural texture makes planeo Indo real wood panelling truly one of a kind. Each piece of wood tells its own story and brings exclusivity into your room. Please note that as natural products, driftwood wall cladding reacts to external conditions such as wetness and dryness and can change its appearance over time.

Buy driftwood wall cladding online at planeo

Driftwood wall cladding really stands out. It can form stylish accents or cover an entire wall. In our online shop, we have various products in different designs ready for you. From dark shades to light grey, it's all here. For a classy style break from leather, glass and chrome, go for driftwood wall panelling with its handcrafted rustic finish. Browse our range of fine wall panelling made from real driftwood and make your choice in comfort!