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Wall panelling in the bathroom
self-adhesive wall panels as a tile alternative

Wall cladding without tiles in the bathroom? No problem! With planeo wall panels, you can easily cover the bathroom yourself. In just a few hours, you can apply self-adhesive waterproof wall cladding. It is even suited to showers and wet rooms. Order free samples now and decide which wall panels will look best.

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1-36 of 181

Wall cladding from planeo – easy installation for quick renovation in the bathroom.

DIY wall panelling from planeo sets decorative accents in the bathroom and is suitable for all smooth surfaces including the shower area. With our modern wall panels, you can renovate the bathroom and shower quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Long renovation times involving high costs and lots of inconvenience are now a thing of the past. The DesignWall Aqua wall panels are made of high-quality, harmless plastic and are very easy to apply. They are an ingenious, time-saving solution that you can implement effortlessly without preparation or professional tools.

The planeo wall system features an ingeniously simple product with a flat structure available in various designs. Dark tile effect, for example, is an effective contrast to a lighter floor. The simple installation of the DesignWall Aqua wall systems using adhesive strips means transforming your bathroom is easy.

Wall panels in the bathroom are easy to clean, waterproof and recyclable

Designing bathroom walls with panels from planeo is very easy. You can use them to decorate small or large wall surfaces. Just clean the wall, peel the Tesa adhesive strips on the back of the panelling and simply stick it on. The panels are quickly attached to the wall without dust and dirt. You don't even need a jigsaw, just a cutter knife, pencil, angle and a spirit level.

The self-adhesive wall panels are based on an elongated panel made of recyclable, harmless hard foam plastic . The digitally printed designs on the plastic panels are water-resistant and have an abrasion-resistant lacquer finish. As the hard plastic is foamed on the inside, the wall panels from planeo are particularly light.

Wall panelling is a good choice in both large family bathrooms and smaller single bathrooms. You can also use the robust, waterproof wall panels from planeo in the shower without hesitation. Renovate your bathroom yourself in no time at all. With our easy-care wall panels, you can renew the wall surfaces in your wet rooms quickly and easily.

Combine on-trend wall coverings from planeo with stylish floor coverings in a natural wood look from our extensive range - the result is guaranteed to have an impact.

Bathroom wall panelling from planeo: the advantages

  • Extremely easy to install. The planeo wall panels in the bathroom are very easy to install, using special adhesive strips and no professional tools.
  • Waterproof properties. Bathroom panels from planeo are water resistant and can be used in the shower area.
  • Very cost-effective renovation. With prices of approx. €/m²,30, the wall panels from planeo are extremely cost-effective. Apart from the cost of the material and some time for installation, there’s no further investment.
  • Made of recyclable, hardened, foamed plastic . The material is free of plasticisers and harmful ingredients and has low emission values.
  • Easy-care and abrasion-resistant designs are super attractive.
  • Suitable for various surfaces. You can stick the wall coverings directly onto plaster, sheetrock, OSB panels, fixed wallpaper or tiles.
  • Particularly light weight foamed plastic board.

We also have matching accessories for wall panelling. Check out our colour-coordinated end profiles . Have samples of our planeo wall systems sent to your home and compare at your own leisure!

Our services

At planeo you will receive comprehensive advice and support. Take advantage of our comprehensive service :

  • FREE order of up to 7 samples
  • FREE storage for up to 3 months
  • Professional expert advice until 9 pm

We are happy to support you with your projects – you will find what you are looking for in our certified online shop!

Wall panelling for the bathroom – frequently asked questions

Is wall cladding in the bathroom a real alternative to tiles?

Yes, waterproof wall cladding allows for individual design in the bathroom. You can use it to set decorative accents while benefitting from low prices, easy installation and low maintenance requirements.

Waterproof wall cladding for the bathroom – which material is best?

The wall panels made of recyclable hardened and foamed plastic from planeo are perfect for wall design in the bathroom. The digitally printed designs are waterproof and have an abrasion-resistant lacquer finish. In addition, planeo wall panelling is very lightweight thanks to the foamed element.

Is wall cladding also suitable for the shower?

Yes, the waterproof wall systems from planeo are great for all flat, smooth surfaces up to and including the shower area. So, with the robust planeo wall panels, you can transform your shower and wet room in no time at all.

Wall cladding in the bathroom without tiles – what are the advantages?

  • individual, creative bathroom design at reasonable prices
  • quick, safe, simple installation without joints
  • suitable for damp rooms – even the shower
  • easy to maintain, abrasion resistant
  • low weight thanks to foamed plastic panel
  • made of plasticiser-free plastic with low emissions rating

Self-adhesive? In the bathroom?

The ready-to-install wall panels from planeo are quick, safe and easy to apply. The panels have special adhesive strips on the back, which are used to attach the panels. Simply peel them back and stick them straight onto the wall, and you're done. You don't need to use professional tools or extra glue. If you want additional security, you can order extra Tesa adhesive strips from planeo wall covering accessories.