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Wooden wall panelling
beautify walls and rooms with wood panelling

Stay on trend with wood panelling. Renovate large or small areas in a flash! Easily install the wood wall panelling with elastic assembly adhesive from the tube. Order free samples of our wooden wall panels and decide in the comfort of your own home.

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1-36 of 50

Wooden wall panelling creates warmth and comfort

Wall panelling can be used to transform any area. This can be the wall behind the TV or a conventional-looking wall in the hallway. Even old wall tiles can be stylishly covered without excessive effort. Create striking changes with no fuss and without breaking the bank.

Wood panelling for the wall radiates a special warmth throughout the room. In addition to the exclusive look, it contributes toward a healthy, pleasant room climate. In addition, exposed pipes and wiring can be concealed under wooden wall panelling.

Wooden wall panels for a unique room design

Wooden wall panels at a glance:

  • impressive accents
  • ideal for partial or entire wall
  • suitable for almost any solid surface
  • made from certified wood
  • convenient handling thanks to light weight
  • easy to assemble without special tools
  • handmade, unique pieces

The wooden panels of our wall panelling are handmade with great care. Different thicknesses result in an impressive 3D look.

planeo WoodWall - exclusive wood on your wall

Wall panelling from our planeo WoodWall series brings a cosy atmosphere and real natural wood into your home. The panels are made from durable teak wood or recycled fibres. Each wooden panel is unique. Through recycling, the hundred-year-old teak wood is given a new lease of life as wall cladding. The teak wall panelling from our range bears the FSC® seal - the certification system for more sustainable forestry. The FSC-certified WoodWall wall coverings focus on recycling and maximum use of natural wood.

planeo WoodWall has a warm, high-quality appearance and soft colour tones. It consists of ready-made elements that make installation much easier for you. All you need is assembly adhesive and standard woodworking tools.

Try the charm, unmistakable beauty and high quality of the WoodWall series. Create stunning accents. Purchase premium wall panelling from the planeo range easily and safely – we will be happy to advise you!


Wood panelling transforms your walls in a unique way and adds warmth and life to the whole room. And installation takes just a few steps.

Our services

At planeo you will receive comprehensive advice and support. Take advantage of our comprehensive service :

  • FREE order of up to 7 samples
  • FREE storage for up to 3 months
  • Professional expert advice until 9 pm

We are happy to support you with your projects – you will find what you are looking for in our certified online shop!

Frequently asked questions about wooden wall cladding

Which woods are used to make WoodWall?

WoodWall wooden wall panelling from planeo is made of durable, sustainable teak or rubberwood – by hand. You can read more about DIY wooden wall panelling from planeo in our article "Wooden wall panelling conquers rooms - Discover the trends".

How do you install wooden wall panelling?

Wooden wall panelling is best installed with elastic parquet adhesive. Adhesive from the tube is practical – you can simply apply it in wavy lines on the back. In our range of high-quality accessories , you will also find a range of adhesives for wood wall panelling.

On which substrates can wood wall cladding be installed?

On all load-bearing, dry and level substrates that are suitable for the installation adhesive. This includes plaster, masonry, wooden substrates such as OSB boards or dry construction boards such as Fermacell or Rigips. In some cases, priming is advisable beforehand to bind dust. In any case, check the substrate of the wall properly. Watch our video on this subject .

How much do wooden wall coverings cost?

This varies greatly. Most prices are in the range of  45–120 €/m². Often, just a few panels m² are enough to achieve the desired effect. You do not have to invest thousands to get a great panelling look.

Is wooden wall cladding splinter-free?

Wood can always splinter, even with a perfect finish. This cannot be prevented. The indoor climate plays just as important a role as the type of wood itself.