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Acoustic wall covering
acoustic walls improves your room sound

With sustainable, modern, high-quality acoustic wall absorbers, you can reduce effektively the room sound and equip your walls and ceilings in a healthy and natural way. Our sustainable acoustic wall absorbers are chemically untreated and have a room-enlarging and sound-absorbing effect. They are also versatile and easy to install. High-quality acoustic elements for walls, ceilings & furniture fronts from planeo guarantee an environmentally conscious production and convince with excellent acoustic insulating properties. Check it out now & order conveniently, safely + quickly online!

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1-36 of 63

Acoustical wall for improved room sound

Bare walls can cause unpleasant reverberations, especially in larger rooms. By using high-quality acoustic wall covering from planeo, you have the option of partially or completely covering walls and ceilings with sound-absorbing material. The result is significantly improved room acoustics, because even with partial installation from wall acoustic you reduce effective the room sound.

Installing acoustic wall cladding by yourself

Good preparation is essential when installing modern acoustic wall covering. First, make sure you have all the materials ready.

  • Determine the look: You can either use acoustic panels in a uniform look or create unique patterns using different wall panels. Get creative with the arrangement of the panels by staggering them. Your imagination is the limit.
  • Prepare materials: You don't need much to install acoustic panels, just a spirit level, pencil and mounting glue.
  • Protect the floor: It is best to lay out a painter's fleece to avoid leaving stains of installation adhesive on the floor.
  • Check the substrate: For the acoustic panels to really hold, the substrate should be clean and load-bearing. Make sure that the wall is not dusty or otherwise dirty.
  • Make markings: When installing acoustic panels on the wall, you should trust your spirit level. Nothing is worse than off panels! It is best to proceed from the bottom to the top and from the middle to the outside. This will ensure that the acoustic wall panels are laid in perfect alignment. If you have a skirting board, make sure you leave a few millimetres of space around it. It also proves helpful to draw a long line to guide you during installation.
  • Lay the acoustic elements: Place the acoustic wall panel on the painter's fleece with the MDF middle layer facing upwards and apply the adhesive. A number of individual dots is sufficient. One glue dot should always be in the middle and others at the corners of the panel. To be on the safe side, place a few dots in between. Then align the panel with the line you have drawn and press it firmly against the wall. At this point, you can correct a little if necessary so that the panel is really straight on the wall. To prevent the panel from slipping off, you should put a little cardboard or wood between the baseboard and the panel, which you remove again at the end. Then work your way outwards, making absolutely sure that the acoustic wall panels are laid without gaps at the end.

Acoustic wall absorbers from planeo at a glance

  • improves room acoustics
  • wall and ceiling designs
  • ecological ans sustainable
  • easy to clean
  • easy to assemble
  • made of natural materias
  • versatile of uses
  • with decorative effect

Do you still have questions about acoustic wall covering? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you and look forward to your enquiry!