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Flooring underlay
for a quiet environment

Proper preparation of the sub-floor is particularly important when laying loose floor coverings. An all-round successful end result is ensured by careful application and the quality of the appropriate underlay for parquet, laminate and vinyl.

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Impact sound insulation means everything sounds great in your room

Floating floors offer many advantages. They can be installed in a very short time and, if you move house, you can take your floor covering with you. Under certain circumstances, however, a floating installation can lead to problems with acoustics. The solution is to lay a sound-absorbing insulation mat under your new floor covering. We provide professional impact sound insulation that minimizes noise and makes your room just sound better!

Improve your acoustics with impact sound insulation

Floating floor coverings have a negative effect on room acoustics if they don’t have integrated impact sound insulation. This is because there’s a gap between the covering and the subfloor. A floor laid in this way gives way slightly with every step. This leads to damage to the floor covering after a certain period of time, and a lot of noise!

Poor impact sound insulation can also lead to disputes with neighbours living below. Impact sound insulation closes the gap between the two layers of flooring and noticeably reduces the impact noise inside and outside the room. Insulation made of soft materials can also absorbs the ambient sounds in the room. To recap:

  • It compensates for an uneven subfloor
  • It ensures a seamless connection between the floor covering and the subfloor
  • It reduces sound transmission to the floor below and to all adjoining rooms
  • It reduces ambient room noise
  • It increases the effect of thermal insulation

Impact sound insulation, for every kind of floor

It’s not just parquet floors that can be noisy without impact sound insulation: other hard coverings also benefit from a protective mat. On old tiled floors, wooden ceilings as well as on screed floors, an impact sound insulation mat noticeably reduces the room sound. Heavy and thick insulating mats are suitable for parquet floors, while thin mats make sense for many renovation projects. You can find them all at planeo.

Do you have underfloor heating? We have the right sound insulation product for you. Underfloor insulation suitable for underfloor heating has air chambers that transfer the heat to the floor covering. We also offer numerous impact sound insulation mats made of natural materials that contribute to a healthy indoor climate. They are delivered in sheets, so you can cut the mat to the desired size and install it easily. Reduce room sound noticeably and in the long term with impact sound insulation and give your home feel-good acoustics too!

The 4 most frequently asked questions about Flooring Underlay

Impact sound insulation creates a perfect connection between the subfloor and your floor covering. They reduce noise inside and outside a room. They reduce both walking noise that is perceived in the same room and sounds that is heard through the walls and subfloor in other rooms (impact sounds).

The more solid the impact sound insulation, the less sound gets through to the floor below. The heavier the insulation mat, the lower the volume. At planeo you have the choice between efficient insulation underlays for parquet, laminate and vinyl. You can find useful information on this in our guides "Best impact sound insulation for laminate and parquet", "Best impact sound insulation for laminate and parquet" and “Impact sound insulation vinyl: which vinyl floor underlay to use?

With the professional wineo Sound Protect Eco Profi impact sound insulation from our range, you can achieve an impact sound reduction of around 22 decibels (db). Installed under hard floor coverings such as laminate and parquet, the Sound Protect Eco Profi reduces walking noise by over 30%. You can also achieve a walking sound reduction of up to 22% and a footfall sound reduction of 15 db with the elastic footfall sound underlay planeo Silence. All impact sound insulation from our online shop are thoroughly tested for effective impact sound and walking sound reduction. The innovative impact sound insulation planeo Silent Stick is a self-adhesive insulation mat for vinyl sheets; you can easily lay adhesive vinyl flooring and remove it again without leaving any residue.

Impact sound insulation from our range is also suitable for installation over conventional hot water underfloor heating. It absorbs the heat and transfers it to the floor-covering surface.

Our FAQ section contains answers to these and many other questions regarding Flooring Underlay. If you have any further questions, we are happy to assist you.
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