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Skirting board
For the perfect finish

Once your new floor is installed, make sure it fits seamlessly with the rest of your room with the appropriate finishing elements. Skirting boards make edge gaps and small irregularities invisible in no time at all. Choose from a huge range of styles and shapes at planeo

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Skirting boards for a stylish transition

Every floor covering needs a matching skirting board, and not just for aesthetic reasons. Skirting boards close the gap between floor and wall and thus make maintaining your floor much easier. They serve as a decorative element while protecting the connection between the wall and the floor covering from impacts. We offer skirting boards in a wide variety of designs to match any floor covering, and they’re a piece of cake to install.

Skirting boards do a lot!

Skirting boards solve several problems at once. Laminates and wooden floors expand in the heat and so they need enough space to do so. A skirting board cleverly hides this small gap between floor and wall. Skirting boards also offer advantages when it comes to cleaning. Whether in the stairwell, hallway, kitchen or living area, skirting boards protect walls from damage and dirt. When damp mopping, they keep the dirty mopping water away from the interior walls. They’re sturdy enough to withstand knocks from a broom or mop.

  • Skirting boards conceal wall junctions that are not neatly finished
  • Skirting boards protect interior walls from dirt and impact damage
  • Skirting boards form a precise edge between wall and floor

Skirting boards complement your floor covering

Skirting boards provide an optimal finish to your floor. As a decorative moulding, they can create different impressions depending on their shape and material. In plain white they set off the flooring; in wood tones they add cosiness to any living space. The choice of profile also makes a difference. Square and plain skirting profiles have a purist feel; curved skirting boards offer something more flowing and refined. Skirting boards are an indispensable decorative element.

Buy high-quality skirting boards online

Skirting boards can be more eye-catching than you think! If the skirting board does not match the floor covering, or if it is made of cheap materials, it stands out – and not in a good way. To ensure the perfect transition between wall and floor, we offer matching skirtings for each of our floor coverings. We rely on high-quality materials and careful craftsmanship. You can shop our skirting range conveniently online. Any DIY fan can install the skirting boards without much experience and in a relatively short time using hidden fastening clips. Create a stylish room finish with skirting boards and enjoy their practical benefits in your everyday life.

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