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Accessories from planeo
innovative floor solutions

As well as high-quality floor coverings, planeo boasts an extensive range of accessories to match each floor brand. Achieve professional results with planeo!

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1-36 of 245

planeo skirting boards

Many planeo floors are laid floating. Therefore, small gaps always remain, called expansion joints. These give the flooring space to expand when the temperature changes. planeo skirting boards are particularly suitable for covering these expansion joints. These are available in many different designs. Brackets ensure easy installation – the skirting boards are clicked onto these with dowelling rods. If it is necessary, the skirtings can be removed again just as quickly.

Impact sound insulation from planeo

Especially when laminate or vinyl is chosen as the floor covering, impact sound insulation is crucial. The high-quality Silence impact sound insulation from planeo reduces walking noise by up to 22% and generates an impact sound reduction of 15 db. planeo impact sound insulation also provides a non-slip surface for laminate, parquet or vinyl flooring.

As a self-adhesive insulation mat for adhesive vinyl floors, planeo Silent Stick is an innovative alternative to adhesive.

To complement the impact sound insulation, aluminium tape seals butt edges for impact sound insulation and vapour barriers.

Floor protection mats from planeo

After laying a new floor covering, it is important to protect it. With the floor protection mats from planeo, you can protect hard floor coverings from chair castors on office desks and thus increase the longevity of the floor in an simple way.

Discover the variety of accessories from planeo now and order conveniently and securely online from our shop!