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Concrete colours
productive and healthy for the home

With our paints for the substrate concrete, you make an economically viable, practice-proven and natural choice for your living areas. The solvent-free concrete paints from planeo prove to be very productive and are therefore also very suitable for large areas in the commercial sector. Order quickly & safely now in our online shop!

36 Item(s)

36 Item(s)

Concrete paint: Which paint lasts on concrete?

If you want to colour and protect interior concrete surfaces, you need a special paint for concrete. Solvent-free concrete paints from planeo are particularly productive and last ideally on concrete surfaces. After appropriate treatment of the surface with concrete paint from our range, it is effectively protected and shines in new splendour. Like other substrates, concrete also needs a certain coat of paint to protect it from dirt or other harmful influences.

If, for example, the wrong paint is used, the resulting moisture can lead to mould growth. Furthermore, there is also the risk of cracks forming. With suitable paint on concrete from planeo, you acquire high-quality protection for your concrete surfaces and can also paint large areas in the commercial sector quickly and easily.

For example, if you choose a concrete paint for your kitchen from planeo, you will be working with practical experience. Whether you choose a concrete paint in white, matt or silk gloss is entirely up to your personal taste. Make your choice now - you will find what you are looking for at planeo!

Concrete paint for interior walls from planeo: top advantages at a glance

Concrete paints for interior walls from planeo are versatile and convince with advantages such as:

  • High covering power
  • Easy to fill
  • Easy to apply
  • Free of solvents
  • Natural & environmentally friendly
  • Economical & proven in practice
  • Ideal for large areas in buildings

Applying concrete paint indoors: What is important?

You want to buy concrete paint and get started right away? Fresh concrete should not be painted immediately. You should wait at least four weeks. Do-it-yourselfers take care to apply the concrete paint thinly. If necessary, concrete paints can be applied in additional layers afterwards. This makes the result more robust. Proceed as follows:

  • Prepare the concrete surface by removing any contamination.
  • If the concrete substrate is porous or has noticeable holes or cracks, you should smooth it. This way you will keep the paint consumption low and ensure an even result.
  • Repair damaged areas and cracks.
  • Apply the primer and sealer.
  • Apply the paint to concrete.

At planeo you will find the paint that perfectly matches your concrete substrate. Convince yourself now and order conveniently online! Our customer service team will be happy to assist you with all your questions.