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planeo painter's white 10l - matt

Classic wall & ceiling paint in matt look

    • High covering power and good coverage.
    • Free from solvents and plasticisers.
    • Easy and efficient application.
    • High covering power.
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item no. MAV-MW13-10

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  • highly opaque interior paint for demanding coatings
  • matt and diffusible
  • As a rule, apply two coats undiluted
  • In the renovation sector, one coat is usually also sufficient
  • Opacity class 1 (> 99.5) with a coverage of approx. 6 m²/l
  • Wet abrasion resistance: Class 3
  • Solvent-free and free of harmful emissions

Must be crack-resistant, solid, dry, free of soiling, salts, efflorescence, fungal attack, sintered as well as floury grain layers and other separating substances, free of discolouration and discolouring foreign inclusions. Prime highly absorbent substrates with planeo deep primer. Precoat non-absorbent substrates with planeo Primer WP. Existing old coatings must be checked for suitability, adhesion and load-bearing capacity. Observe VOB, Part C, DIN 18363, the technical data sheet and the corresponding BFS data sheets!

Field of application:
Universally suitable for any substrate occurring in the interior wall area.

  • high covering power
  • economical
  • wall + ceiling
  • easy filling
  • Solvent-free

planeo is the brand for professional solutions with tested quality. In our extensive range, you will find first-class products for home and garden, from floors to wall coverings to decking: we offer you suitable items with a top price-performance ratio for almost every requirement and budget. We also have product lines such as carpets, wall paints, wallpapers and doors. The range of attractive offers for walls, floors and patios is rounded out by high-quality accessories and effective cleaning and maintenance products. Meanwhile, planeo's services go beyond the trade in floor coverings. We put great emphasis on the idea of service in everything we do. We deal with the topics of material, handling and realisation in such detail that we can provide you with an adequate solution for many different situations on the building site. To make things more clear, you can find useful tips and instructions in our guides with articles and videos. Beautiful flooring and more? Realise easily with planeo.

Technical Details
item no. MAV-MW13-10
Manufacturer planeo
EAN 4062212164051
Colour white
Color type Dispersion paint
Type Wall paint
Suitable for substrate Plaster, Rigips, Woodchip, Concrete
Gloss level matte
Opacity (DKL) 1 - highest opacity
Wet abrasion (NAK) 3 - wash resistant
Processing streichen, rollen, spritzen (airless)
Usage ca. 165 ml/qm je Arbeitsgang auf glattem Untergrund
Drying time bei 23°C und 50% Luftfeuchtigkeit nach einigen Stunden oberflächentrocken und überstreichbar
Shipping group XS
Piece per package 1
Special features Breathable
suitable for Kitchen
Color code weiß
Weight 10,00 kg/Packing
Package Content 10 l
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planeo Malerweiß - techn. Datenblatt
planeo Malerweiß - Sicherheitsdatenblatt

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Product questions

Wall paint

Variant: DIY-Instruction

1. surface preparation

The first step is to prepare the walls and ceiling. To do this, fill the surfaces over the entire surface and thinly sand them. Then sand off any unevenness. First clean the wall surfaces thoroughly, and apply a primer coat so that the paint can adhere well. Allow the surfaces to dry for about 12 hours.

Tip: For the base coat, you can dilute some paint with approx. 7 % water, and spread it on the wall.

2. cover and mask off

We recommend masking off the windows and other permanently installed objects. For this purpose, use a high-quality masking tape and adhesive foil, as otherwise unsightly splices may occur. The floor can also be protected from paint stains by spreading a painter's fleece over it.

3. seal corners

Seal the corners with a painter's acrylic before painting. Now start painting. First, paint the corners and edges of the ceiling with a small roller so that the edges do not stand out from the surface later.

Tip: To avoid paint edges, you can cut off the edge of the paint roller with scissors.

4. painting the ceiling

Open the paint bucket and whisk the paint well. You can whisk two paint buckets and position them in different parts of the room so that you can work in one piece. Dip the paint roller into the paint and always make sure that no colourless spots have remained on the roller. Now the ceiling can be painted. Keep up the same pace to avoid unwanted streaks.

ATTENTION: Please be aware that objects such as stairs, fireplaces etc. need to be sealed and painted. In this case, the tape should be removed before the acrylic cures.

5. painting the walls

Again, paint the corners first with a small roller, then the full surface. The paint roller should be dipped completely into the paint and briskly spread over the walls. Finally, the masking tape can be removed.

Tip: If several colours are used, you can also use masking tape on the cut edges to avoid colour runs.

What you will need to make it yourself


  • planeo paint


  • Pencil
  • Paper masking tape
  • Cotton fleece
  • Stirrup
  • Roller
  • Roller
  • Whisk


  • Paper tape with foil
  • Brush
  • Gloves

Working time:

  • approx. 2-3 hours for a room size of 15-20 m².

Level of difficulty:

  • easy
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