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Dispersion paint
real all-rounder for almost all surfaces

Dispersion paint is the most commonly used wall and ceiling paint when renovating and painting par excellence. With the dispersion paints from planeo, you acquire solvent-free paint materials for use indoors and outdoors usage. Discover now our abrasion-resistant, easy-to-use emulsion paints with high covering and filling power in all their diversity - from perfectly suitable for large surfaces in the commercial sector to classic variants in a matt look to extremely sophisticated & resilient. Order online now free of shipping costs!

34 Item(s)

34 Item(s)

Dispersion paints: Wall and ceiling paints for indoors and outdoors

For refreshing renovations as well as for new coats, there are basically two types of paint to choose from: Silicate paint and emulsion paint. The main difference between the two types of paint lies in their composition. Modern emulsion paints are viscous to low-viscosity paints with plastics as binders; silicate paint, on the other hand, is based on minerals.

Dispersion paints have good adhesion and last on many different substrates. They are thick-layered and have good hiding power. Dispersion paints dry quickly, hardly smell and are therefore the ideal paint for interiors.

Dispersion paints with a high proportion of synthetic resin are particularly suitable for exterior walls and interiors with higher humidity due to their water resistance. They are used as interior dispersion paints for walls and ceilings for painting in living rooms, kitchens or bathrooms. Due to their nature, they are suitable for almost any substrate such as plasterboard, cement fibreboard, woodchip wallpaper, embossed wallpaper or plaster.

Dispersion paints: easy application & strong covering power

The advantages of using an emulsion paint are manifold: it is easy to apply, has a strong covering power, is abrasion-resistant and can be used indoors and outdoors. You have a wider variety of colours, mixing ratios or mixing colour types than when choosing silicate paint. In addition, dispersion paint also has economic advantages, as it is comparatively cheaper than the silicate variant. Matt emulsion paints create a smooth substrate. Dispersion paints with glossy derivatives are considered extremely easy to clean and are used particularly often in kitchens and stairwells.

Advantages of emulsion paints at a glance:

  • strong covering power & high coverage
  • easy to apply & abrasion-resistant
  • suitable for numerous substrates
  • with fast drying effect
  • fills smaller irregularities
  • high quality paints do not stain
  • comparatively inexpensive
  • no corrosive effect during application (neutral pH value)
  • good flow, no high masking effort
  • extremely easy to clean
  • available in matt to glossy

planeo emulsion paints: Quality makes the difference

When it comes to emulsion paints, the most important thing is the covering power. If you go for cheap paints, you often have to paint in several layers to really cover the surface. This means that the paint will cover fewer square metres of wall and is not really any cheaper. If, on the other hand, you choose high-quality paint, you will paint more efficiently and achieve convincing results with less paint. Therefore, our recommendation is to save time, nerves and money by only buying quality paints. In the planeo shop we have top quality emulsion paints ready for you - see for yourself now and order quickly & securely online! We are happy to accompany you in every phase of your building project - Contact us!