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Bathroom colour
breathable wall paint for a healthy indoor climate

With bathroom paints from planeo, you acquire high-quality wall paints for your bathroom that score with excellent processing properties. Our ecological bathroom paints are free of solvents and harmful emissions and ensure a very good, healthy indoor climate. In addition, you benefit from their high opacity and diffusivity. This makes our bathroom wall paints economical to use and effective against mould and harmful germs. Rely on the best quality from planeo now and order conveniently online!

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1 Item(s)

Bathroom paints from planeo: healthy, sustainable, allergy-friendly

When choosing a bathroom paint, make sure that it is open to diffusion, i.e. that it allows air and water vapour to pass through and thus inhibits mould. No other paint is more suitable for damp rooms than silicate - especially on mineral substrates. These wall paints for the bathroom are free of solvents, preservatives and plasticisers. Since they are based on mineral raw materials, they are extremely environmentally friendly in both their production and their effect. Thus, our bathroom paint has real eco-plus points compared to conventional wall paints and is also ideal for allergy sufferers. Due to its natural composition, it does not trigger any allergic reactions and also ensures dry, breathable walls by perfectly regulating the humidity in the room. Thanks to its high pH value, our bathroom paint has a natural mould-killing and antibacterialeffect.

Important note when painting with silicate paints: Since silicate is corrosive to the skin and eyes when wet, be sure to wear protective goggles, gloves and appropriate clothing when using the paint. You should also protect ceramic sanitary installations as well as tiles and objects made of glass and cover them accordingly.

Bathroom wall paint from planeo: advantages at a glance

Our bathroom wall paints are not only free of harmful substances and perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers, but are also hard-wearing, easy to clean and extremely durable. When painted, the paint and the underlying material form a chemical, indissoluble bond. This silicification creates an extremely robust bond between the paint and the paint substrate, and the wall paint adheres to the substrate not just as a layer of paint.

As our wall paints for the bathroom do not contain any organic substances, they have breathable, diffusion-open properties. So you benefit from their moisture-regulating, mould-inhibiting effect and make an environmentally friendly, high-quality choice for your bathroom.

Other advantages that speak for the use of our mineral paints for the bathroom is that silicate paints neither become statically charged nor sticky when exposed to heat. As a result, they get less dirty and stay clean for longer. Dirt particles adhere less to walls painted with silicate paint and stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth without any problems. In addition, silicate paints are extremely stable in colour and hardly change over decades.

We now summarise the advantages of our high-quality bathroom wall paints for you:

  • Very hard-wearing & extremely durable
  • Solvent-free & without preservatives
  • Environmentally friendly & sustainable
  • Softener- & pollutant-free
  • Antibacterial & odourless
  • Perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Breathable, moisture regulating
  • Good to work with & easy to clean
  • With enormous colour stability
  • Inhibits mould, algae and fungal attack
  • Very good covering power & healthy room climate

With our wall paints for the bathroom, you can naturally prevent mould growth and also counteract algae and fungal infestation. Should stains appear on the walls, they can be easily removed with water. You benefit from a healthy, pleasant indoor climate and design your bathroom in a sustainable, robust and ecologically completely harmless way. Convince yourself of the top quality of our damp room paints and order easily, quickly and safely in our online shop!