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Vinyl flooring in oak
fashionable and warm

Combine the resilience of vinyl with the beauty of a wood floor. The sophisticated design and the structured surface of this oak-effect vinyl give a great first impression, over a large or small area, in private or commercial areas.

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Vinyl flooring in oak looks particularly elegant

Oak-effect flooring is something special. And you don't have to cut down oak trees to make it. Oak-effect vinyl is also quick to install and very easy to maintain. The advantages of such flooring are described in more detail below.

Oak-effect vinyl – flooring with special features

Oak is a lighter wood species and the vinyl reproduction is deceptively real. Only when you look closely can you tell that it might not be real wood, as the grain is reproduced in a structured way for the most realistic effect.

In addition to its appealing warmth, vinyl flooring in oak is also easy to install, effortless to keep clean and much more.

Designer flooring in oak is so versatile

Our oak-effect vinyls are suitable for both private and commercial use. Lighter oak tones are particularly suitable for smaller rooms, as it makes them appear much larger.

There is also vinyl flooring in oak that is suitable for use in the bathroom, made from water-repellent solid vinyl and without a base layer of HDF or any other moisture-sensitive material. Take a look around the range at planeo – you will find what you are looking for here!

Oak-effect vinyl is quick and easy to install

A particular advantage of designer flooring in oak is that it can be installed quickly and easily, as long as the subfloor is even and firm. Oak vinyl flooring can be laid on a screed subfloor just as well as on a tiled floor. Our recommendation is to lay impact sound insulation under the vinyl. For anyone interested in high-quality adhesive vinyl, self-adhesive impact sound insulation such as Silent Stick from planeo makes the installation much easier. The self-adhesive insulation mat made of natural raw materials is easy to handle and contributes to a clean installation. Try it out – if you have any questions or uncertainties, we will be happy to advise you!

Vinyl flooring in oak is easy to clean and high quality

The days when floor coverings had to be cleaned and maintained in a time-consuming routine are over. This designer floor is not electrostatic and so dust that accumulates every day can simply be vacuumed away. If there are small scratches on the surface after a long period of intensive use, they can be easily removed with a special care product for vinyl floors .