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Vinyl flooring up to 4 mm
easy to clean and barefoot friendly

With vinyl flooring, you can decorate your home quickly, easily and, above all, with individuality! A vinyl floor with a thickness of up to 4 mm can be beautiful while also particularly easy to clean and it feels great underfoot. The solid vinyl versions are great in damp rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen.

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1-36 of 473

What does the wear layer mean for a vinyl floor?

Are you wondering what the difference is between a vinyl floor with a thickness of 2 mm and a vinyl floor up to 4 mm? These specifications refer to the total thickness of the covering. You should not confuse this with the so-called wear layer. This wear layer, which is usually between 0.3 and 0.5 millimetres, refers solely to the thickness of the top section. The higher this value, the more resistant the floor covering is overall.

How to install a vinyl floor with a thickness of up to 4 mm

All vinyl floors in our range are easy to install. Choose between different installation systems to find the one that suits your project. The innovative click system is particularly appealing to do-it-yourselfers, but you can't go wrong with adhesive vinyl either. Just make sure that you apply the vinyl flooring to a dry and even subfloor.

Advantages of high-quality vinyl flooring from planeo

  • hard-wearing
  • warm underfoot
  • easy to clean
  • easy to maintain
  • available in waterproof versions


If you are looking for an affordable alternative to laminate or parquet, you are well advised to choose vinyl. Request your free sample of high-quality 4 mm-thick vinyl flooring today!