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SPC Flooring
Strong vinyl flooring for demanding applications

State-of-the-art rigid core vinyl is dimensionally stable, pressure-resistant, temperature-insensitive and renovation-friendly thanks to a robust powdered stone middle layer and strengthening additives.

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What’s all the fuss about rigid core vinyl?

Rigid core vinyl is a new development in the vinyl flooring world. Its backing material is strengthened with stone powder, making it extremely robust and rigid. This backing material is also known as ‘rigid board’.

Rigid board has several key advantages. It is insensitive to temperature fluctuations and stretching and shrinking is greatly reduced. The stone powder composite (SPC) backing stabilises rigid vinyl against deformation. SPC-backed rigid vinyl is stable and extremely strong.

Rigid vinyl for demanding applications

You can expose rigid vinyl to lots of sun through floor-to-ceiling windows, no problem. It can even withstand the heat build-up in a conservatory. The stable rigid board also allows large-area installations in one piece without the need for transition profiles. Rigid vinyl can also be laid on old floor coverings such as tiles, PVC, linoleum or old floorboards without much preparation.

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