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Plank vinyl flooring
the on-trend floor solution

Vinyl flooring has been in vogue for quite some time. This is especially true for vinyl floor planks. Vinyl plank flooring from planeo imitates natural wood so authentically that the difference is hardly noticeable. In addition, vinyl has so many advantages over wood. After installation, vinyl planks radiate a relaxing, comfortable homeliness.

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Wide-plank vinyl flooring comes in many designs

At planeo, you can get vinyl floor planks in many different designs. The wood-effect variants, with their different colour tones and grains, are particularly effective. The classic vinyl floor planks are available in:

  • oak
  • walnut
  • maple
  • birch
  • beech
  • ash

Wide vinyl planks are a touch of luxury

Wood-effect vinyl planks are cosy while also bringing an effect of luxury and exclusivity. They can match a variety of furnishing styles, from classic to modern. Flooring from planeo in the country-house style does without gaudy colours and garish effects. Like country life, the vinyl country-house style plank is limited to the essentials.

Country house-style wide vinyl planks are inexpensive and easy to install

Vinyl is easy to install. It does not have the high build-up thickness of laminate and parquet and is therefore particularly suitable for renovations. The vinyl click flooring planks are connected and installed via the integrated click connection system, requiring no glue and minimal effort. They’re great:

  • range of designs
  • easy to lay and install
  • favourable price
  • robust

Vinyl flooring is not sensitive to the effects of moisture and humidity or large temperature differences like natural wood.

Quality pays off – choose your favourite from the planeo range now!