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luxury vinyl tiles in brand quality

The name PROJECT FLOORS has been associated with high-quality LVT floor coverings since 1999. The abbreviation "LVT" stands for luxury vinyl tiles and indicates that these are PVC-based floorings. The PVC designs from PROJECT FLOORS are available in ceramic concrete, sand or plain colour finishes that replicate the look of natural materials. They combine the authentic look of the original materials with the robustness and ease of care of synthetic floor coverings.

The latest products from PROJECT FLOORS

The product range of the manufacturer based in Hürth near Cologne includes over 400 products that can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to their own four walls, the design floor coverings from PROJECT FLOORS can be used in areas such as healthcare, offices, shops, hotels, restaurants and nursing homes.

PROJECT FLOORS makes individual room design possible

PROJECT FLOORS design heterogeneous floor coverings with a synthetic backing layer as the foundation. The print decor, which is responsible for the visual appearance, lies on the back layer. The transparent wear layer made of PVC with a surface finish of polyurethane (PU) is positioned at the very top of the design floor covering.

In the variety of collections from PROJECT FLOORS, you will find planks and tiles with different wear layers and dimensions.

The floors@home collection, for example, offers a total of 155 positions with wear layers of 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 mm and is ideal for private living areas. The 155 decors of the floors@work collection with wear layers of 0.55 and 0.8 mm are suitable for more heavily used surfaces in the contract sector.

PROJECT FLOORS design floor coverings for clicking, gluing or as loose-lay thus opening many design possibilities for your rooms. Vinyl planks in special formats also make individual installation methods such as herringbone, chevron and grout line possible.

PROJECT FLOORS: Focus on environmental responsibility

PROJECT FLOORS has made an ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. Thus, the environmental aspect is not neglected in the production of the high-quality floor coverings. In practice, this becomes apparent in the resource-saving production of the floor coverings. This includes not only the protection of water and air quality, but also the reduction of waste during the entire production process.

Since the LVT design floor coverings from PROJECT FLOORS are made entirely of plastic, they can be recycled in its entirety . This is another way in which the company lives up to its maxim of "responsibility for the environment".

Environmental compatibility of the processes, harmlessness of the products and regular quality controls make the design floors from PROJECT FLOORS first-class products that are geared towards customer needs. Discover now in the Planeo online shop and order safely + quickly!