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Vinyl flooring for the hallway
resistant and easy to clean

The floor in the entrance area has to withstand particular strain. Especially in autumn and winter, shoes bring in dirt, snow and water. In addition, the hallway is usually the transition area to many other rooms. An ideal floor covering for hallways and corridors should therefore be resistant to moisture, fit in well with adjacent areas and be easy to clean. Vinyl flooring in the hallway meets all these requirements and more.

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Vinyl flooring for the hallway: hard-wearing flooring for the entrance area

It is not only in the living room and dining-room: in the hallway, too, the floor should be as resistant and durable as possible and look great at the same time. A vinyl floor for the hallway is a good choice in every respect.

Facts worth knowing about vinyl flooring in the hallway:

  • versatile and flexible
  • resistant and scratch-proof
  • low maintenance
  • warm underfoot and sound-absorbing
  • available in a variety of wood and stone decors
  • easy to clean

Vinyl flooring in the entrance area withstands high loads

Many people wonder kind of flooring should be used in the hallway and entrance area. This area is exposed to high loads. The vinyl floor in the entrance area must therefore withstand a lot and at the same time have a pleasant appearance, the highest possible quality and maximum comfort. Vinyl just works - it is naturally very flexible and robust. The scratch-resistant surfaces withstand the demands of everyday life and so the vinyl floor in your hallway will remain in perfect condition for a long time.

Vinyl flooring for hallways in attractive wood- and stone-effect designs

Of course, you also want your entrance area to have an attractive appearance, because it functions as the introduction to your home. If you opt for vinyl flooring, you have a choice of so many great natural-effect designs that are indistinguishable from real wood and stone at first glance.

Easy-care vinyl flooring in the hallway for clicking and gluing

Since it is not uncommon for the floor in the entrance area of your home to become soiled, you are well advised to choose vinyl flooring for the hallway. Thanks to its easy-care surface, vinyl flooring in the entrance area is particularly easy to clean. You can save yourself time-consuming maintenance work. And installing vinyl flooring in the entrance area is also very convenient: you can choose between glue-down and click-on versions. The latter option allows you to use the room immediately. With vinyl flooring in the hallway, you can furnish your entrance area in a functional and decorative way.