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STILARO Rigidvinyl 2.0 - Nate Oak - Made In Germany

0,30 mm Nutzschicht - 31 Gewerbe (leicht) - Rigid SPC - Feuchtraumgeeignet - Rutschfest R10 - Microfase - Holzoptik Landhausdiele Eiche braun

    • Rigid SPC - mineral high density core board.
    • Absolutely waterproof and suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.
    • Large areas can be laid without expansion joints.
    • Low swelling and shrinkage behaviour.
    • Suitable for private and commercial use.
    • Phthalate-free - no harmful plasticisers.
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item no. F100P504

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Made In Germany
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Rigid Vinyl is a new development of classic vinyl flooring for many applications. The ultra-modern Rigid Board improves several properties of vinyl flooring.

  • SPC carrier board (Stone-Powder-Composite)
  • The main differences to classic vinyl flooring are the addition of stone powder and reinforcing additives in the carrier material. They ensure very robust and rigid properties. This is why the carrier board is also known as rigid board in technical jargon.
  • Temperature resistant
  • Thanks to its RIGID core board, the floor is more resistant to temperature fluctuations. Thanks to its low expansion and shrinkage behaviour, a larger installation area is possible without an expansion joint.
  • Robust
  • Rigid vinyl flooring is deformation and dimensionally stable and can be laid without any problems on old floor coverings such as PVC, linoleum, old floorboards or tiles, where larger joints do not push through so quickly.
  • Rigid SPC - ultra-strong
  • 100% waterproof
  • ideal for kitchen & bathroom
  • recyclable

Stilaro stands for quality "Made in Germany". Their high-quality vinyl flooring is robust, waterproof, and particularly durable. Thanks to the innovative Rigid SPC technology, they offer ultra-strong flooring solutions, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, they are highly recyclable, contributing to a sustainable environment. Trust Stilaro for stylish and functional flooring.

Technical Details
item no. F100P504
Manufacturer Stilaro
Length in mm 1200
Width in mm 200
Thickness in mm 4
Wear layer 0,30 mm
Wear class 31 Commercial (light)
Joint Micro bevel
suitable for Bath, Kitchen, Bedroom & living room, Hallway & Corridor
installation pattern Plank pattern (1-plank)
Installation type click
Wood type Oak
Look Wood effect
Sorting (grain) natural/classic
Underfloor heating suitable
Special features Non-slip, Suitable for humid rooms
EAN 4062212199596
Piece per package 10
Structure Rigid SPC
Slip resistance R10
Shipping group M
Click variant UniClic
Colour brown
Range of application Residential, Commercial
Weight 19,80 kg/Packing
Package Content 2.4 m²
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Product questions

UniClic installation instructions

Variant: DIY Instruction

1. substrate preparation

Check the subfloor. Any unevenness that exceeds 3 mm over a length of 1 m should be sanded down or filled with a floor levelling compound. Then clean the surface to be laid with a hoover.

CAUTION: Never install vinyl over a soft subfloor such as carpet, cork or any type of foam underlay.

2. acclimatisation

The vinyl planks should be stored horizontally in the room where it is to be installed for at least 48 hours before installation in the packages. This will allow the material to acclimatise to the room temperature and not "work" so hard after installation.

3. before laying

Before laying the floor, it is imperative to follow the official laying instructions, which are included in every package, otherwise any claim to warranty and guarantee will be void!

Before laying out the floor, check the wall you are starting on and make sure it is at right angles to the opposite wall. If the impact sound insulation is not already integrated, we now recommend spreading out the insulation.

4. installation instructions

Tips for the UniClic system: To achieve as uniform a floor appearance as possible, it is recommended to install panels from different packages mixed together. You should start laying in a corner (left) and starting from the wall. With the tongue side facing the wall, lay the first board. Angle the end of the second board into the first. In the second row, the plank is placed at an angle to the end face of the row already laid and folded down. As the board is folded down, the long side of the board will click into the existing board at an angle. With a little pressure, the click joints now snap into place. The transverse joints (front side) should be offset by at least 30 cm from row to row ("wild bond", half a plank length for tile formats). You can use a tapping block and a light tap on the long side of the plank to help it along. To cut a plank, now take measurements and mark the plank. Then take an angle and tear the plank with a multi-purpose knife/cutter and break it off.

5. finishing the last row

Place the spacers on walls, door frames, fixed wall cabinets, kitchen units, etc. so that you have an expansion gap of approx. 5-10mm for underfloor movement or expansion of the product. To install the last row, it is recommended to use the floor layer's jointing iron from the accessories. When using skirting boards, make sure that the expansion joint is covered by the skirting board. If the floor is sealed, e.g. in the bathroom, the PE round cord is now inserted into the expansion joint and the floor sealed with a silicone joint.

6. attach skirting boards

Finally, cut off the PU film approx. 2 cm high and attach the skirting boards.

What you will need to make it yourself


  • Click vinyl flooring
  • Impact sound insulation


  • Cutter knife
  • Angle
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Rubber mallet
  • Measuring tape
  • Spacer


  • Skirting boards
  • PE vapour barrier*

Working time:

  • for a room size of 15-20 m² approx. 4-5 hrs.

Difficulty level:

  • easy

*required for floors with HDF core board and cork impact sound insulation

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