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Vinyl flooring in a modern design
easy to care for, sustainable, and healthy to live in

Modern vinyl floors are special furnishing elements with hard-wearing, easy-care and healthy properties. Make your choice now - the high quality, contemporary look and durable, sustainable properties of modern vinyl floors in a wide range of attractive colours from our range will convince you!

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Vinyl floors with a modern look: high quality, contemporary style, long-lasting, sustainable properties

If you're looking for flooring that gives your home a modern look, is durable, easy to maintain, and also sustainable, then modern vinyl flooring may be the perfect choice for you. Our range of modern vinyl flooring is available in a variety of colours and styles, so you're sure to find the flooring that perfectly suits your needs. What's more, vinyl flooring is very affordable and easy to install compared to other types of flooring. So if you're ready to transform your home, you should definitely consider modern vinyl flooring!

Modern vinyl floors are available in a wide range of colours and have hard-wearing, easy-care, and healthy living properties. Convince yourself of the high-quality, contemporary look and the robust properties of our modern vinyl floors in a variety of attractive colours from our range! Low maintenance and maximum benefit make modern vinyl floors just the right floor coverings for private households as well as commercial properties.

Modern vinyl floors offer a wide choice of colours and designs

With numerous colour shades and individuality, high-quality vinyl floors in modern style give your rooms that certain something. For example, modern vinyl floors come in a variety of colours and styles, both light and darker tones, plain white, elegant grey or bright colours such as Jungle Green or Purple Rain.

You can use your new vinyl floor in a variety of home or business environments. Vinyl floors are great in living rooms, hallways and sleeping areas, as well as damp rooms, as they are waterproof and even qualify for hot water underfloor heating (up to 27°C). In short, with modern vinyl floors, you have a durable flooring option that perfectly complements your living or business space!

Vinyl flooring in a modern look: hard-wearing, easy-care and healthy to live with

You'll always find the perfect shade for any room in our range of modern vinyl flooring, such as organic floors with textile backing for unique interior designs. We also offer low-noise floors with impact sound insulation, ideal for hospitals, schools, or business centres with high noise levels. Organic flooring, made from vegetable oils such as rapeseed or castor oil, as well as naturally occurring mineral ingredients such as chalk, provide a particularly environmentally friendly and healthy living environment. So when you choose modern vinyl flooring, you get a floor that is not only durable, easy to maintain, and healthy to live on, but also extremely versatile.

Here are some of the advantages of modern vinyl floors at a glance

  • Durable, elastic, flexible, robust
  • Easy to clean and insensitive to stains
  • Warm underfoot, easy on the joints and sound-absorbing
  • Healthy to live on and free from hazardous plasticisers
  • Sound absorbing for good room acoustics
  • Versatile, even in damp rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • Easy to install by clicking or gluing
  • Suitable for hot water underfloor heating (up to 27°C)
  • Available in various colours and designs

Modern vinyl flooring and professional services at planeo

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